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[FT] Progres Niederkorn 2 - 0 Rangers

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One thing that has to be said is that Caixinha seems to be worse at making subs than Warburton's. His subs make zero sense. Morelos for Dalcio - so take the striker off and bring the winger on. Candeis was doing ok but bring him off for Windass, who had an absolute stinker.


We got exactly what we deserved there.


Wonder if the Scottish media will feel sorry for us as it is coefficient points lost for Scotland...... aye, I know.


For a guy that likes the high press.... his team did NONE of that tonight. They should all be ashamed of themselves !

We have no style or tactics at all. Tonight was as bad as anything under Ally.

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This Rangers manager seems to be building quite a reputation with his results all, I might add, in the negative. One dimensional, one paced and what seems like only one style of play which no one other than the manager himself knows what it is? I'm finding it quite difficult to be positive about his tenure.

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As has been said we have a Portuguese Warburton. I said last season give the guy a chance, but these guys he's signed don't look good enough to me bar one. Dalcio a Benfica player?


I thought he was on drugs he was that bad.

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Thanks to UEFA for fecking up our season before it actually got going. Essentially tonight we saw why Scottish teams have not progressed in any significant way or form, Yahoos Scum included. This was a pre-season friendly-style performance and result and it showed all over the park. You can go ballistic about it, heap scorn above our players and whatnot, but in essence UEFA for me have fecked up the competitions with this rubbish.

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Not for the baggage he would have brought mate.

In saying that, our current manager obviously impressed the board by who he could bring to Ibrox through his contacts.

We'll wait and see how good any of them turn out to be.


I never thought I'd say it but tonights result was worse than Victoria Zizhov.


Worst result in our history.

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