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[FT] Progres Niederkorn 2 - 0 Rangers

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Good for him. Fight your case


Come on GS. I know you like a wind up but he needs to go. We are all in shock ffs. If there is any way of getting rid of him and we have another option we need to take it.


This is by far the worst in our history. He should be hanging his head in shame, saying nothing and resigning.


If not he should be shown the door. He can't continue. I understand the loyalty people feel we should show but this is a game changer, he has to go.

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Did we really need four defenders & two sitting MF players like we had tonight against this team given the fact we struggled to score goals last season?


No we didn't but I can understand why it was an option (to draw the opposition out of their comfort zone onto that wall). Inexcusably it didn't work out for us because we didn't do that. We neither drew the opposition out nor did we control any of the transitions through pressing the ball nor positionally. Its OK to have a footballing philosophy that enforces ones stature or superiority but you do have to exert that superiority in the first place and teams do not deserve to claim that if they cannot exorcise it!


Our set up was fine with Jack and Rossiter holding the middle, Krajcar promoted as the pivot to attack, our Wide men did nothing of note in the first half leaving young Morelos isolated in spite of his positioning and runs(unlike Waghorn who just shouted a lot). As a result most of the game was played in and around the centre circle with 6 Rangers players in our own half. That style is never going to hurt anyone. From my observations so far this team has no teeth!

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And, as I have said multiple times, they are in the same stage of their season preparations. Yet you are blaming UEFA for the start time of the season. Nope, not having it. We were dross, simple. You can excuse it as a freak score, or lack of sharpness or whatever you like. When players are getting paid over 10k a week against players who earn a fraction of that and are in the same stage of their season you should expect the higher quality to eventually come through.


You just continually make excuses, as is your prerogative - but I see nowhere to make excuses tonight. You can grab your comfort blanket of the season starting too soon - I will call out what I witnessed a completely spineless, gutless, inept performance from supposed professionals, most of whom very highly paid. And an equally inept performance from the manager - did his season start too soon as well ?


Stop selective reading! I blame UEFA for pre-season qualification rounds and explained it with not just ours, but also other Scottish teams' results, including the Yahoos loss in Gibraltar last season. I did NOT excuse our players for not beating a team that they should have beaten.


And I won't have nor debate this utterly stupid, nigh juvenile attacks on players and the manager. Good night!

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That's unfair on the oppositioni Union they weren't a pub team but they should have been easily dispatched.


I not all that interested in comment on opponents being seen as unfair, I remember the fall-out after Berwick only to well,what concerns me here is that many do not grasp the damage of this result,that there is no fall-out of a meaningful nature only reinforces my fears for a bleak future,very bleak,unless the board bite the bullet now.

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Hang your head in shame mate, you, not PC that is.


we've already heard how there were fans irate enough to be breaking up seats


what was he going to do?


challenge the fans to a square go?


these guys had paid hundreds of pounds to watch that shite


the guy's a fucking charlatan

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Some more images on twitter showing scene from different angle. Shows a very different picture - apologising to fans it seems. Would post image but having difficulties.


Can you post the twitter account?

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