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No quality, no bottle, no Progrès - Should the manager be sacked?

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In my view, despite the criticism, I don't think we sack the manager as it stands but it's very difficult to make a strong case for him staying outwith the fact any new manager would be left with no budget.

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Given the level of investment, I don't think he will be sacked, but any goodwill he had built up in a relatively short space of time over the summer, has gone completely. Many will now have made up their mind and wont be changed from it.


As we saw in his first few games in charge, there are question marks about whether he is able to get his ideas across - this will only increase.


My other worry is that the exact same game plan that was too good for Warburton, will be enough to beat Caixinha, with clubs domestically knowing they just need to sit tight and we wont have a clue what to do.

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Should or will? Maybeshould be--there are some levels of performance that are simply inexcusable and for which somebody should pay--but not sure it would help.

But his coat's on a shoogly peg already. Backed by the board to a remarkable level and then oversees a performance like that? Going to have to be some fucking start to next season to restore any credibility: if we've not got a near perfect record and a +20 goal difference after 10 games his tea's oot.

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No, he shouldn't be sacked.


He's an upgrade on MW, and has upgraded the side. Whether that's enough to achieve what we want? I'm less sure than what I was.


Of course we're always looking to win the league, but I really don't think that's an appropriate target this season. I want 2nd. Comfortably. I still think we've got the manger and team to do that.

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To even debate this is laughable in the extreme. Emotions will run high, it will be a smack in the face image-wise and financial-wise, but on a sporting/footballing level hardly anyone realistic enough would have seen us progress beyond the next two rounds ... and the howls of anguish would be similar, if not that volatile.

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And what to do now? We've got a month till our first competitive fixture and barely anything lined up until then.


And another thing I'm concerned about is the trend that both Warburton and PC have shown in terms of how they prepare the squad from a fitness perspective. We all know that Sports Scientists control this to a large degree and I'm sure there will be plenty of evidence that shows that the players are as fit as they should be at this stage, and haven't put the stress on their bodies that pre-seasons of old might have done. But I can't help but think that one of the reasons that Rodgers got so much success last season was because they worked so much more on fitness/sharpness to allow them to play the all-energy pressing game that puts the opposition under so much pressure. We certainly couldn't cope with it, and the with the lethargic way we've approached this fixture, I'm concerned it'll be the same again.

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