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No quality, no bottle, no Progrès - Should the manager be sacked?

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I still think he's a good coach, with good ideas that can work for us, but he really needs to get results now.


We'll need to line up a few friendlies.


Sorry, but based on what exactly? He's done absolutely zero since he's come in.


We've been stuffed at Ibrox by Celtic, 5-1 going on 10, we've lost a 27yo record vs Aberdeen, he's not managed to convince our best player to sign a contract to stay at the Club, he's now presided over the worst result in our history and you think he's a good Coach.


Sorry, but you can't see the woods for the trees. He's tactically clueless, the players are obviously not playing for him and the season is a right off if he stays in charge.


We have 5 weeks before the league starts, we need to tell Pedro to go and get in a Manager who understands the Club and commands the players respect.

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I think we need a bit perspective here. In the immediate aftermath of this terrible result, the knives will be out for the manager but in the cold light of day his sacking would be an overreaction.


If we were to get rid of him, who would we bring in? Do you think that a new manager 4 weeks before the start of the season is a good decision? What about the players he has brought in?


The manager needs to be given a chance to see what he can do in the league. A good start and this European nightmare will be dismissed as a lesson learned. The pressure is on Pedro now. It's essential that we win the opening game at Motherwell and follow it up with 2 home victories so that we can breathe again. 9 points under our belt and a team gelling will bring back our belief. A bad start and a stuttering team doesn't bear thinking about.


Maybe I'm naive and/or in denial but I remain optimistic.


He's not a new manager, he's been in the job 4/5 months and we've seen NO improvement whatsoever.


Normally, a new manager gets in and you see an immediate improvement from the players - this didn't happen. Name one player who has improved since Pedro got the gig because I can't. In fact, I can name a few who got markedly worse.


4 weeks is plenty of time to get in a McInnes or even a McLeish or Smith type to get the basics right before we see another nightmare seasona unfold before us.


One thing is clear, he's not got it at all, his record before coming to Ibrox wasn't particularly impressive and now he's blotted our History with 3 of the worst results we've ever had.


Struggle to see any optimism at all.

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The jury is certainly out over Pedro and his early doubters dont look like knee jerkers at the moment. I had concerns after the 5-1 simply becuase he didnt address what we all saw after the cup game the week before.


The tricky one is the new signings and money thats been spent. Had maybe 4 or 5 of them not signed yet it would be easier to say lets just part ways now but Id imagine PC had a huge part in getting the Portuguese and Mexicans at Ibrox.


His last strand is that he has got Dorrans, Alves, Pena and Herrera to blend in.


We probably need to see about getting a Ibrox tournament done at short notice, a few games in successive days would help mix the new guys in. Doesnt have to be big boys, but say Hamburg, Aston Villa and Sampdoria or the likes.

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Just saw on sky there is a question mark over one of their players taking a banned substance , didnt catch all of it though


Doing a Celtic would be even more embarrassing than losing the game.

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Scary thing is if he gets 5/6 games and we are at the wrong end of the table we then have to find someone to steady the buffs and rectify the mess .


We will just have to see how McCann is getting on at Dundee.

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Sadly we have just had opened up for us another front to fight - a war to possibly end all wars. This morning actually casts last night into near irrelevance. It shouldn't , of course, but you just know how it's going to play out.............................

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