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[FT] Rangers 1 (Kranjcar 75) - 1 Marseille

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It was a great game to watch, good football on display, Rangers gave a good account of themselves. I know it's only a friendly but we seem to be starting to go up the gears, the only thing that's a bit concerning still is the final third but that again may click in the next couple of games.

Was interesting the way the team was set up, I thought it looked like (excuse the hipster tactics) an asymmetrical 4-4-2 with all the width coming from the right hand side, I thought it was very effective and Candias and Tavernier down the right side combined very well and were a constant threat, it also meant when the play was switched Wallace and Miller had a fair bit of space to operate in.

Going though the team I thought Fod played well, a good few saves, handled himself very well.

The defence with Alves and Cardoso in the middle look great, the big man absolutely strolled it looked calm composed and assured, think the two of them will make a great partnership. Danny Wilson done ok when he came on, he is never going to be a starter for me though, good to have as a back up, he allowed the striker to much space and he was able get on the wrong side of him for the goal. The fullbacks done well getting up and down, need to work on crossing the ball, some of them were woeful, as I said I thought the tactics helped the fullbacks, Wallace always had a decent amount of space and Tavernier and Candias done well down the right. I thought Tavernier should have closed Payet down a lot quicker before the goal, but again its pre season, he done really well apart from that.

The midfield were great, looked solid, Jack plays the anchor role really well, and I thought with Bruno behind him he looked a lot more confident, Dorrans is a great buy, marshaled the midfield, got beyond the strikers a couple of times as well, Nico was in the advanced role but more on the left side, but more centralized, again I thought the tactics created more space down the left side and I think this is a system nico could really benefit from, not to mention his free kick, what an absolute belter. Wee Candias down the right looked a constant threat as well and was definitely up there for man of the match, some great crosses as well, I wasn't expecting much from him this year but on that showing he could be really useful.

As for the strikers, I like the look of big Herrera, he constantly pressed their back line, big physical striker as well, I think he will score a few this year, looks like he is going to be the target man this year. Miller was playing a bit deeper just off him but again to the left, I think Miller has been a great servant to the club but I think the reason he is getting frustrated is maybe because he doesn't fit in to this system, as mentioned on a couple of threads, if Naismith or Walker were occupying that position I think we would be a different proposition going forward, it was demonstrated in the first half by some excellent play out our own box, I think it was Cardoso, Jack, Kranjcar and Wallace, I might be mistaken about the personnel but the quick passing and transition in to attack was great until Wallace passed to miller and he didn't know what to do with it, then ended up losing position and the move broke down.

As for the subs, Wilson, for me, needs to up his game a bit, concentrate more on what is going on round about him. The rest Dalcio, Windass, Holt and Pena, never made to much of a contribution, I would like to see more of Pena, would be harsh to criticize him just now, I can't remember Windass or Holt doing much, Dalcio just looks like he is trying to hard just now, im not convinced, I think he was brought in to cover a lot of positions, will give him a couple of months and see how he settles.

Im glad for PC, Saturday gave him an opportunity to show everyone that he is making progress with this side and has made the support a wee bit more positive.

On the transfer front, two Scottish Rangers fans, im hoping Walker and Naismith, I think both would give us something extra in the final third, Would be nice to get Jaime Murphy, but I don't think we would be able to afford what Brighton are looking for and I would leave McLean till January to f*ck up the sheep. If it was Walker and Naismith occupying Miller and Kranjcar's roles I think that would be really exciting, I'm not advocating binning Kranjcar btw, he is my favorite player but he has been injury prone throughout his career and it would be good to have a different option in there.

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I thought OM were lacking intensity and sharpness, so I assumed they were very early in their pre-season. It was their last game before the season starts?!


We did well.


I thought the same, I wasnt that impressed with OM from the hour I seen, but thought that was down to a lack of sharpness due to being earlier in prep work than us. If that was them finishing off pre-season preparations, I wouldnt fancy them to win much this year.

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A few days after being paraded by the mhanks in a scumbag top! I bet we can all remember where we were when we heard the news!


I was visiting family in Hampshire, I had great summer holidays down there. Playing cricket and tennis with my cousins (no laughing at the back).


Got the phone call from back home and it was all over the news. An earthquake like no other!


At the time I really wanted us to 'modernise' and sign a catholic (even though we had several low-profile ones before MoJo) but I just didn't want it to be HIM! In retrospect, the projected loss of support never materialised. Wonder what trueblue would have said had Naismith worn a green and white top!

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