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Barry Ferguson MBE

Guest Gersgal06

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Guest Gersgal06

Yeah, i know, old subject. But..... I was surfing round this vast web of information and came across a post (somehow) on stagsnet - the official forum of mansfield town supporters club!!!


Here is the post:




What the flip has he achieved in his career !!!

Failed premiership player who has done reasonably well in a minor league playing against Falkirk,Inverness,Dundee etc.


Does some out of touch big-wig think. "OK now to Scotland, we need to honour someone, who shall we pick, er... no one springs to mind..anyone any ideas....... er no not really... we have hardly been pulling up trees recently in the field of sport..... well we must pick someone......... what about that chap from that famous club called Glasgow Rangers.... I've heard of them...... Whats his name........... er Barry I think...... Well then Jeeves get the letter out and pour me a scotch.....


Mediocracy should not be rewarded


Mediocracy......minor league.....what the hell is mansfield town......and the 2nd league......world class????


God I have never laughed so much!!!!:P

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Ignore it gersgal... Utter jealousy.


In 2002/03 before his move to Blackburn (and after generally accepted as his best season for Rangers) he was Opta's 4th best midfielder in Europe in terms of passing.


Now stats can be twisted for any situation but for the most part, most of Ferguson's critics don't have a real argument for not rating him other than the fact he's a Rangers player.


A lot of people (and the media) do over-rate him and there's no doubt he'll have to improve on his inconsistent displays of last season if he wants to remain in the Rangers first team under PLG.

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Yeah i read that too about the charity work, i never realised it either.

Good on him for that.

Lets hope his services to the club improve in the new season compared to the, IMO, pretty awful season he had last year.

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There was a thread on this a few days ago and i stated on there that i also think it is crap he is getting this reward. There are ordinary people who work night and day for charities and get hee haw. Just because he is a middle of the road football player who does a bit of charity work he gets it. Sorry but i would prefer to see the real charity workers getting it.

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