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From FF regarding yesterday's meeting.


Rangers 'Til I Die is the theme

By Mark Dingwall


Sunday 8th April 2007

At a meeting on Saturday 68 Rangers supporters clubs pledged to swing behind a campaign to improve the atmosphere at games and stop the current witch-hunt against the club by our enemies. Putting our own house in order was the theme of the day at the mass meeting called by the Nithsdale Rangers Supporters Club in the "Wee Rangers" social club.



In a full and frank two hour meeting numerous speakers for the 100+ attendees pledged their support to rid the support of chants which bring no credit on the club, provide our enemies with ammunition and are leading us towards a UEFA ban.


Instead of the usual preaching Big Brother attitude the club itself displays the supporters clubs represented want to see positive support for the team - and instead of grassing phone lines and booing other fans they want the support to belt out traditional club anthems and the "Rangers 'Til I Die" chant when the *** stuff that is causing us problems starts.


There was a tremendously positive sense of unity throughout the meeting with every club and supporters organisation represented - Assembly, Association, Blue Order, West Enclosure Loyal, etc - pushing towards solving the problems ourselves in our own way.


Billy Montgomery chaired the meeting and made the very simple point - at the moment the solution to our problem is still in our own hands - but if we don't get our act together quickly then the club faces not only severe fines but the closing of stands at Ibrox. No-one with the best interests of Rangers can tolerate that happening.


From the floor of the meeting it was repeated time and again that the club's problems were exacerbated by poor PR, the disorganisation associated with the Travel Club and the attitude displayed by our own security advisor and directors.


At the same time other speakers noted that campaigning on any or all of these issues did not mean we needed to stand silent about getting rid of the problems the *** Brigade are causing us.


Time and again speakers used the examples of the Northern Ireland support and the England support who have cleaned up their acts. Ayrshire Billy Boy expanded on his experience at the recent England game in Barcelona. It can be done and it will be done.


All the club reps agreed to go back to their buses and spread the word - it was also agreed that leaflets be produced to get the message about the positive support needed in the coming months to fans who travel independently to games home and away - volunteers will be needed for leaflet distribution at Ibrox as well as on buses traveling to the games.


The time for pussyfooting is over and positive action is going to be taken to stop us facing a doomsday scenario.


The tone of the meeting was loud and clear: the things that are causing us problems are going to be eradicated and if it disenfranchises those that think their right to shout "***" is of greater importance than the wellbeing of Rangers FC then so be it.

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The idea of outsigning the *** brigade with 'Rangers' songs is actually a great one.


People looking on such as the media or away fans will see this and wonder what is going on and realise the real fans are stepping this up and outnumbering the neds. Even the neds signing may even feel embarresed that fellow supporters are doing this.


Its like a protest and statement to the *** brigade that they wont ruin our team and as soon as they start those noises other fans come out with a real chant.


It may cause a wee divide but if it means kicking the neds out, then good.



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