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I said that in the context of previous contributions here where I have been negative. My point is, I am happy to congratulate the club when they earn it. I can tell you my own feelings, and I don't grudge it at all.


No need to keep banging on about it.


We get it.


You are reluctant to give credit to Rangers.

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What annoys me is that no support is asked for normal human beings.

IMHO the balance towards equality is aimed toward minority groups be it as the post or immigrants etc.

I have grown up respecting people and faiths but too much is aimed at minorities leaving me feeling like a guilty person with my own thoughts.

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I guess it is only important if you are gay a lesbian or transvestite.


I just don't see it as an issue, even if you are LGBT. I've said before that my supporters club had a gay guy in it and nobody bothered. I work with numerous gay people, both male and female, and again nobody bothers.


It seems that they're trying to make an issue where one doesn't exist.


RB7 makes the point that there are currently no openly gay footballers, which is a fair point. However I couldn't tell you the sexuality of half our team, and by making a big hoo-ha about it is possibly making it harder for someone who is concerned about coming out.


I think if anyone did a vast majority wouldn't bother. Society has moved on.

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