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Lennon Polis probe

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Reference Alex Smith's comments, all good points.


However, we have long standing precedents. I remember Davie Cooper being pelted with coins at Brockville. He approached the large terracing to take another corner, he was showered, picked a ten pence off the 'D' and skited it back into the terrace. The Bairns fans rushed to the police to complain and make statements. Coop' was charged, convicted, and fined at Falkirk Sheriff Court. Now, Alex you are listed as Assistant to Head Coach at Falkirk, do you support the actions of Falkirk fans that day?

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So Lennon was only celebrating a goal!


Hearts fan claims he had to quit job after ‘5-1’ gesture


DIANE KING Published: 10:16 Monday 15 May 2017



A Hearts fan claims he had to quit his job after doing a ‘5-1’ gesture in a picture with Hibs boss Neil Lennon. Security guard Steve Cairney then posted the picture to Facebook after taking the images at the Hibs player awards at Dynamic Earth. The 5-1 gesture is popular amongst Hearts fans to taunt their rivals following their victory in the 2012 Scottish Cup final. The 48-year-old insists that the pictures were nothing more than banter.


The Sun reports that the following day he was told not to come into work due to a formal complaint received, leading to him quiting his job after a ‘gross misconduct’ was launched. He had also been told not to put the image on social media. Speaking to The Sun, Steve said: “Some staff brought in their Hibs strips to get signed.“I saw Neil Lennon so asked him for a photo. “I’m a huge Hearts fan so thought it would be a bit of banter to do the 5-1 signal with my hands.”He added: “I stopped Jason Cummings for a photo and he agreed. I did the 5-1 sign with him and he just laughed it off.”The former employee insists that he did not place the image on social media explaining: “A family member posted the picture on her Facebook page as I sent it to her as she is a Hibs fan.“Once it was there it was put on Hibs fan sites, Twitter and other places — I never put it on social media at all.


“Days after I spoke to someone at the work who told me they weren’t happy as it was gross misconduct.“I spoke to my boss and I felt I was going to get the sack and I was asked to resign. I thought that would be the best thing to do.“I think it’s all a bit too much over a simple photo. The photo was only online for a short while, but I want to make it clear that I never put this up on Facebook.”Hibs and Dynamic Earth were both contacted by the newspaper but did not comment.


Read more at: http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/our-region/edinburgh/hearts-fan-claims-he-had-to-quit-job-after-5-1-gesture-1-4445806

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