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Lennon Polis probe

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In Germany, the security within the stadium is usually upheld by a club's own or hired security folk and stewards. If things go ot of hand, they work in close relation with the police.


Where I worked, e.g. the World Cup 2006 or various Bundesliga games, a set number of stewards and supervisors stayed close to the dugout of the teams, which is AFAIK still the case. Usually to prevent supporters (et al) to get closer than allowed to the sports staff situated there. Likewise though, if people go ballistic or behave against a certain code of conduct written down in the "house rules" (which are relevant for each and everyone attending the game), these supervisors step in and speak to the respective persons in question.


Rangers and Ibrox seem to have something similar:


Acceptable Conduct -> https://rangers.co.uk/fans/following-rangers/acceptable-conduct/


If the Police or the 4th official neglect their duties, I would expect that from now on, Rangers have people of their own Ibrox security or (hand-picked) stewards about who look after malefactors such as Lennon. I reckon that we don't see such loonballery that often, hence in 9 out of 10 games, these chaps may have a quiet job.

Yet, under circumstances like Saturday, I would then expect these stewards to step forward, ask the 4th official to intervene or letting him now that if said offender goes on like this, he will be removed from his place and evicted from the ground due to disregarding those House Rules that apply to each and every person in the ground.

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Did he ever get any punishment for his carry on with Jim Duffy?


I read that there is a 2 game suspended sentence hanging over his head for the rest of 2017.


Any laps in his conduct could see 2 + 2 more or even 4 more with any luck.


Hope it kicks in by the Saturday :bouncy2:

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I read on here yesterday that the police are not taking any action because there has been no crime committed.


That's fine but if one of our fans sitting next to the Jambos on Saturday tries it, something tells me the polis will take issue.

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