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Lennon Polis probe

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Must say, I have been perplexed by this entire element from the game at the weekend. I don't really believe that the statement should have been necessary at a time when the main focus from the game was the sub-standard officials performance.


Lennon acting the way he did is no surprise to us - and in reality, being a manager at an SPFL club should bring some level of responsibility and maturity of which he didn't showcase at the weekend. Completely undignified man.


And this will be perceived in the media as negative towards Rangers - as usual. The statement has brought focus to this and effectively shot us in the foot.


And for what its worth, I don't really care about Pat Fenlon at Hibs several years ago. Shouldnt even fit into our train of thought. Just focus on Rangers and on the day - all efforst should have been made to raise awareness of the shambolic officials.

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Neil Lennon on @Club1872rfc statement l/week - "laughable. Insignificant. Never heard of them. Looked like it was written by a 15-year-old"


Kneel Lemon's obviously jealous coz he can't understand the big words that 15 yr olds use. Maybe one day he'll be allowed to progress from crayon ;)

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This hole thing stinks TBH now. 6 days later and it seems Lennon is untouchable. The facts are Halliday and Fenlon received bans for the exact same gesture. Yet Lennon hasnt been taken infront of the SFA or whoever to explain his actions.


Refs wise and in game incidents were a joke and the SFA gives them a cooling off period.


Someone inside Rangers has to come out a bit stronger.

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