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RST and Both RSA's Issue Statement

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Following an unprecedented meeting, arranged by Billy Montgomery of Nithsdale Loyal, involving 68 Rangers Supporters' Clubs and 7 fans' organisations on Saturday 5 April, the Rangers Supporters' Trust, Rangers Supporters' Assembly and Rangers Supporters' Association have made a joint statement asking all parts of the Rangers family to unite in doing three things: improve the atmosphere at games; support the team; and demonstrate the best of our traditions.


Whilst many of us no doubt feel we are being victimised, there can be no doubt that we must get our own house in order and the time to act is now.


Rangers FC and their supporters have everything to be proud of. We are Scotland's most successful club and the tradition, history and heritage of our fans is the history of the nation. Our values and community are rooted in pride, loyalty and commitment. The good name of the club and the support are too important to risk and all of us must accept it is time to move on. The '*** Brigade' has had its day.


All members of the Rangers family must unite and celebrate the club's traditions in a positive fashion. We must be judged on what we are for, not what we are against. We can and will defend our traditional anthems and songs, but without the idiotic add-ons.


Rangers Football Club is more important than any of us - it is an institution, one of the greatest football clubs in the world. As a uniquely Scottish and British Club it is incumbent on us to act in the best traditions possible.


'We Are The People' - let's show the world what that really means.

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Funny how so many people have a problem just supporting Rangers as a football team, it makes you wonder if supporting Rangers was just a political statement for them. If this is the case, we don't need their\your support. Hopefully the new political free Rangers has arisen.


We are the Rangers people!!!

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