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[FT] Partick Thistle 1 - 3 Rangers (Pena 55; Candeias 94; Herrera 99)

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Morelos was finished after the 90 and was really an obvious choice to be subbed. That is not a negative the guy worked his socks off. Just a pity he did not round the keeper instead of shooting past the post. I will be quite happy if Pedro leaves Alnwick in goal for Saturday. In all the games I have seen him he has been solid and made a number of good saves. I also thought Cardoso looked a far better player when Alves went off and looked as good as he was before Alves arrived. Strange that. For all the people asking if we should park the bus on Saturday then you got your answer. We can't park a mini-van never mind a bus. We sat far too deep in the second half of the second half and let Thistle play their game and let crosses flood into the box. For excitement we have had two great games even although the football was not always great. I really hope John makes it for Saturday because he was excellent today although Roberts is another proposition.


I loved Pedro's statement after the game. In extra time we were like rabbits from a battery. Brilliant. I really hope he proves me wrong on his management skills because I really like him as a person.

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Well that had been coming for the last 10 mins or so.


We have just made a 4th sub (new rule in ET apparently ) with our only real goal threat going off. Nice one Pedro!


Come on Gers, just get through this somehow!


What was that again ??

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Loving Holt's energy in midfield. Don't know who we would come in for, but I would love him to be working his ass off on Saturday. Good player.


I've always said Holt is a fine player. And I think he would work in this system. Strangely, I would bring him in for Dorrans.

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