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[FT] Partick Thistle 1 - 3 Rangers (Pena 55; Candeias 94; Herrera 99)

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It was a breath of fresh air not to see miller in there but same old problems abide, terrible finishing and comedy defending


alnwick was man of the match and deservedly earned it


windass was awful and will have to be dropped for the muck at the weekend


maybe if we can keep the ball from the scum we can stifle them a bit


but over 180 minutes we've matched a workmanlike partick side, pretty dreadful

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I noticed McCrorie in his interview after the match, saying Pedro wanted Jack and Holt to sit deeper with the untested defence.


At the end of 90 minutes having seen how well they were doing, it looks like he pushed them forward again, Holt at least.


I love the technical ability of the new guys, Morelas, Pena and Candeias, combined with their workrate, they look to be good signings.


Have to say that I was very impressed with McCrorie. It was noticeable how much Cardosa improved when McCrorie came on for Alves, and while that may have been because Thistle were pushing for the equaliser, it could equally have been due to the need to raise his game i.e. be the senior defender. Alves was poor, but probably felt his injury. I normally detest hyperbole, but I am going to say it anyway -the manner in which McCrorie plays reminds me of Alan Hansen! Sammon had been a world beater until Ross came on, but he stood up well to the physical challenge and also looks very comfortable on the ball. Perhaps Craig Mulholland's efforts at Auchenhowie are beginning to pay dividends.

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First off, one would hope that neither Alves nor John will miss Saturday. These enforced changes set us back in the game, for I reckon PC had others in mind for the sub roles, namely Morelos and Windass - who both looked knackered. When the changes happened and Thistle threw caution to the wind and everything at us, it took us some time to cope, but they eventually got their reward with that equailzer - which was coming then. IMHO, not so much because of our defence, but more because we gave the ball away up the park too often. Obviously, Morelos could have killed the tie when being one on one, but it was not to be.


Watching Herrera holding the ball and laying it off suggests that he would be a decent lone striker to set up Pena, with Morleos taking the left attacking slot (where he was yesterday on occasion). These three and Candeias would make a physically strong attacking band for Saturday ... even though Miller will be a cast in stone first selection.


While some seem to focus on Windass - who did not too bad and will sure not be someone brushing noses with carthorses like Sammon, which some seem to like - my main point of bother was Tavernier, who needlessly gave to ball away rather often ... and mostly when being far out of position. The likes of Thistle won't punish that all too ofte, but others will. How often have we said that by now?


Cruel twist of fate that our Mexicans gave us so much joy when at the same time that eartquake hit their home country ...

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