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Pedro Press Conference

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Pedro Caixinha says it doesn't look like the players are mentally tough enough. Told the players they embarrassed the club after sf loss.


That is worrying for me, if indeed thats exactly what he said. Playing that sort of card isn't one you can play again. Last throw of the Caixinha dice?

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I think many would be happy if it was "I resign"


I have no doubt Pedro is sick of this place at the moment. They overseas players didn’t come here to be assaulted on a weekly basis either. The only good that can come from this, is that the word will spread what a parochial, xenophobic and corrupt backwater this place is.


If those players now fear for their safety then they may well have all chucked it? They came to play football, not to face this nonesense every week.

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You and others reacted so it wasn't a pointless comment. Hope is never pointless of course.


Lol, we all know you will enjoy some “caviar and champagne” when Pedro goes Pete. Maybe he will thank you with hospitality tickets for a bull fight??

I have a feeling you may get your wish sooner rather than later now though. If he loses one more he may walk? Who knows, as I said, it’s a mess. One which I’m not revelling in.

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