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Confirmed: Pedro Sacked

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Why don't we just close the gates? i have never read such negativity in my life. There are more managers out of work than in work. Outside the top clubs and maybe the EPL do you really believe that managers are earning far more than Rangers have been paying. No we are not going to get Pep Guardiola but there are plenty of good managers out there for our price. Lets get one thing straight. Any manager comes with a risk unless we give him hundreds of millions and that is not going to happen. Peter Bosz was managing a small local team up to a few seasons ago and now he is managing Dortmund. You have to also remember that some managers would love the challenge of getting us back to the top.


My own choice would be a younger manager(around 40 ish) who sees us as a stepping stone to to the EPL.


To do that he will need to be successful with us first which is what we need at this very moment.

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I cant wait till we get back to football being the most important thing on match-day/ night games, i found myself looking forward to meeting family and friends, mixing with Rangers supporters and enjoying the atmosphere round Ibrox last night, The football aspect i was more nervous about, the team had become stale, fearful and that had transferred up to the stands to.


We need more than just a flash in the pan, sometimes good, sometimes woeful approach, consistency is what we need, ironic that as we cant get any managerial consistency.


Anyway here's hoping, onwards and upwards, no like I've said that before, but then i'm consistent. RTID

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No matter whom the board appoints now, the time it will take for him to get the team working according to his plans will most likely be too much to make this season much better than last, not least with Murty probably be in charge for two or three games. After what might well be a foregone conclusion on Saturday, we'll have three "easier" games before a double-header with the red Scum. With the same injuries and refs as before. New signings by January at the earliest, unless we sign Sagna or the like as a freebie on hefty wages. O'Halloran might be back, the rest is away on long-term loans.


So for all the euphoria, do prepare yourself for some far from satisfying results in the next few days.


Ah, while I am at it, whereas PC stood up to the mhedia a la Sutton and Co. with probably far too educated a talk for most, the Board bowed to the media driven hysteria and thus gave the afore-mentioned trolls even more status and delusions of being right, as well as more ammunition to hurl at us. Some may disregard that "for the greater good of Rangers", but I very much doubt that whoever takes over will get an easier ride from the media and the support, should results not quickly go according "to plan". A "plan", I might add, that is rather unrealistic in the here and now.


Muito obrigado! Adeus e muitas felicidades, Pedro!!

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