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Confirmed: Pedro Sacked

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I'd put money on McInnes or Moyes being able to at least get the team organised on the park and get them doing the basics right.


Moyes walked in to an absolute dumpster-fire of a club at Sunderland, I honestly don't think you can hold that against him and better managers than him have failed at Man United.


McInnes - I get why people pick out performances and results against Celtic and say Aberdeen haven't really made progress, but this season Hibs, Hearts and Killie have all taken points off us at home. Celtic are on a bit of a freak run at the moment, we need to be in second place comfortably before we can seriously even think about challenging them.

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One factor I've not heard mentioned is JJ. I assume he is still with the club as there's been no mention of him going. Given his positive impact in terms of helping to bring in Morelos I'd hope that he is someone that the new manager works with.


As their playing careers overlapped at rangers, perhaps thats something that gives another indicator that McInnes is the main target?


JJ helped take training this morning.

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Being said by some on FF that the agreement with Pedro was put in place before the Killie game and that a positive result would not have helped him anyway. One guy did report the day before seeing King and Pedro in a restaurant together so it may be true although they could just have been having a friendly bite.

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With the meeting coming so soon after the Kilmarnock game, it does seem like the last straw - although it could have been arranged earlier.


However, I think it makes more sense to me that while the Motherwell game put him in last chance saloon, the Kilmarnock game made his position untenable. It would have put the board in an awkward position if they had already decided and then we had gone on to play fantastic football and won by a large margin in that game - which is what he needed for a stay of execution.


But with the way we played he could still have been gone if we'd won 2-0 due to the performance and the lack of anything to give hope to the team becoming successful. I think Dave King being in town at the time was also significant.

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Oooft, that's like a before and after photo of someone on hard drugs, shows you what can happen when playing for the tims when young.


Getting ugly is the least of your worries if you're at their Bhoys club.

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