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Dearer booze

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You introduced alcohol in small doses to your son BD ? If so, makes me feel much more comfortable about us doing that with ours. You know that way sometimes people look at you as if you are crazy ?? I’ve felt that when explaining we wanted to introduce it to him in true moderation. Abstinence never worked for me, so wanted to try something different with my son.

Yes. He could have a drink on holiday or in the house at special occasions. I felt it helpful if he didn't think it was something that was forbidden. He's approaching 18, so it's not such a big deal now but he's never been one for wanting to get drunk each weekend and it's only now that he's wanting to have more than one, and when he does he lets me know.

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Pretty much your right gonzo! You can find a report or statistic to corroborate anything. Amusing that report was an "English" one though.

Don’t be racist now, there are also findings from Canada which suggest that mup does have a beneficial effect. Worth a try imo, along with other ways.

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