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Pacific Quay Musings?

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22 hours ago, 26th of foot said:

Courage taken, she launches into what she has been primed to say. Rangers supporters are frightening, they are terrifying, they are the epitome of British nationalism, and finishes with, they are a disease.

Did someone actually say that on TV recently?

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There's almost no reaction to this on The Big Questions twitter account ... which a surprising. It could be carefully edited but there's very little elsewhere on twitter either.

Edited by Bill
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41 minutes ago, StuGers said:

Is there a clip of this anywhere? I’m genuinely astounded that that would have been aired on TV.

The women that 26th is referring to is nauseating. You would think she was reading off a script (clearly she had been primed) and there was a guy from “the Union Jack club” (I think?) who was made to look less human too. They all rounded on him. She was just sickening though and everything that I dislike re the middle classes. She says she is “frightened” ffs? Although can’t really explain in detail of what? Not the brightest lady you will ever meet that’s for sure.

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