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26th of foot

Pacific Quay Musings?

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Mutual Support.


In the absence of Scottish football, PQ remain strict adherents to the Hollicom line. The narrative is set during midweek, Michael Stewart demands an explanation. The PQ lemmings rush to the edge, desperate to be seen chorusing support. In many ways, it's a relief because the increasing alternative is another broadcast chapter on the fascinating life of DrStu'. Last week, we had DrStu' and his son, Jack on our screens articulating the difficulties of living with autism during Lockdown. Further, DrStu' distributes a bit of patronage, German born photographer, Caro Weiss had taken photos of the family at the Dennistoun pile, and the PQ TV cameras took the hint the very next day and we had a two minute piece on BBC Scotland on the provision of the service.


DrStu's collaged life is important, mostly to DrStu'. He walks his son to school, then there's the fund raising for the school, It's an unique school, there's the mutual support of puff pieces from the likes of Journo, Catriona Stewart. An oft' repeated mantra from DrStu' over the decades is, "I am not alone in saying this", thus when something is decreed as special, it becomes necessary for Catriona to pen an article. The canvas is wide, across the National, the Herald, and the Evening Times, we are told the school is a quiet artistic haven in a sea of turmoil. It must be, we await the documentary?


DrStu' and Gregor Cox( a nom de plume used on the comments sections of the three newspapers named above for 18 months - aka Catriona Stewart) have consistently consigned Rangers supporters to the sidelines, "baying, beeling, and raging". Of course, having Rangers supporting friends is a necessary tool. DrStu' can say often, "ah don't get it, what do they want"? DrStu's Rangers supporting friends(let's take a minute here to appreciate DrStu's tolerance) all agree with him. Always, they reinforce DrStu's opinion. Remember, back in the day, DrStu' would regularly introduce a guest, a Janitor from Largs, Chris Connor - the H-u-n with a Heart? Chris has been long disappeared, probably disagreed with DrStu'? Imagine the imaginary?


We should applaud DrStu's patronage of Caro Weiss, it's a pity he could not extend his welcoming comments to Ianis Hagi, a 21 year old Romanian. Michael Stewart had demanded and DrStu' obliged, "ahm hearing reports of this week of Rangers signing Hagi for £5 million, given the current state of Scottish football, every aspect of that deal is wrong". A young, exciting talent is arriving and it's bad, bad, bad. I am positive DrStu's Rangers supporting friends agree? Further, it highlights a continuing Warren Cummings mindset, young Romanians provide a service as worthy as Scots with an Anglo accent.


As one of those beeling and raging on the sidelines, I am going to ask DrStu' for a minor indulgement? We were teased with Cosgrove telling of his lunch at Gamba with SPFL Chief Executive, Neil Doncaster. Sharing those unctuous hand dived scallops on a bed of Stornoway black pudding and Ayrshire pancetta with the £388,000 per annum automaton must have had an accompanying glass of Burgundy, Albarino, or old vine Chenin Blanc? If Hollicom allow it, we should be told? Some would argue that any repast with Neil, would be too hard to swallow. However, the mutual support will arrive, legitimising your actions, it always does.


Sportsound on Saturday.


They did a 15 minute piece on Barcelona'72, Wullie Johnston and Colin Stein were on the telephone as Big Dick played a straight bat. It was turgid. A Scottish club heads off to play a final in totalitarian Fascist Spain, against the KGB sponsored team, Moscow Dynamo, and nothing. The assembled cast of Pat Boner, Michael Stewart, Billy Dodds, Brian McLauchlin, ....etc did not ask a single question. Alfie Conn, a better player than they say? The unique situation, Rangers in the middle of two totalitarian regimes, thirty years prior had been combatants in the Spanish Civil War? Willy Mathieson, could he kick doors at Halloween? 


Next up was a similar piece on Sellik in Seville with Jackie McNamara. Real engagement, several questions, all warm and fuzzy.


Oh, and Michael Stewart banged on about Hearts relegation and the injustice of the situation. He was not demanding an explanation, that was reserved for Rangers proposed signing of Ianis Hagi. I suspect DrStu' will have to inform Michael of the Hollicom line, Hearts are no longer considered a model club. Like Rangers in Barca', there were no takers. Mutual support is only awarded to strict adherents.

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The BBC Scotland mob will be wetting themselves later this is the 25th of May no doubt we will be getting the lions story later, 😡


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