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Where's Mikey?


These last three weeks, where's Mikey is akin to, 'Ask Mark Walters'? Hearts and Thistle have taken the legal route armed with the Rangers Dossier. Michael Stewart went to great lengths to trash the impact of the Dossier(he was only following Hollicom orders) and realises such a position has a negative effect on the hoped for outcome of his beloved Hearts. Maybe Chris Sutton was correct, Michael was speaking whilst wearing his maroon shirt? Anyways, Mikey has been disappeared these last three weeks, just another question like, 'Ask Mark Walters', boxed and stored in the PQ vaults.


DrStu' and Tam are at a crossroads, we are seeing English, Italian, Spanish, German, .... etc live football, playing out the conclusion of their respective seasons. Those TV company liabilities are at the forefront of our European neighbours minds.  Tam has decided he wanted the season played out all along. DrStu' went on an expected rant reference the wonderful English premiership, has not watched it, saw some news reports, and it remains not all it's cracked up to be. He concludes, "self interest is the cause of all ills in Scottish football", then to prove a point demands Sportsound allocate sufficient time to discuss St Johnstone's appointment of Callum Davidson as new manager.


The Airdrie Dentist, Professor Jason Leitch is next up for his weekly forty minutes. You would think both DrStu' and Tam would want to replicate the hay made whilst the sun continues to shine from Leitch's arse? Dominic Cummings was legitimately trolled by all three; however Nicola's seventy mile round trip to see her parents in Ershur was not mentioned. Of course, Nicola does not drive, we can only assume she was intent on the journey to check her Chauffeur's eyesight?


Sportsound was another Hollicom production. Big Dick welcomed Tom English, Wullie Miller, Brian McLauchlin, Neil McCann, and John Collins to the show. John dominated, whilst Tom occasionally returned to the fold to reinforce. We were treated to a 20 minute Neil Lennon interview and Hollicom John punched home the message :


1. Sellik have a war chest.

2. Sellik have investors.

3. Sellik have 4 players, each worth £25 million.

4. Sellik are superior all over the park and are sure to increase their dominance due to CL monies. One off games for CL qualification this season and ra Sellik will take advantage to reach the group stages at least.

5.Tom added, "Rangers are quiet about finances because they are skint". Further, we need to spend to make a challenge let alone win the league.

6. Brian McLauchlin cautioned, "Celtic have extra ordinary over heads and that can quickly drain a war chest".


Moving on, we had former St Mirren, Aberdeen, and Hearts player, David Whinnie(now a sports Solicitor) on the show to talk Hearts and Thistle's legal case against the SPFL. Twenty minutes of huffing and puffing(just like his playing days) led Whinnie to conclude, "we are in unchartered waters, but ah think Hearts could win". Big Dick was surprised and uttered, "the original vote could be found null and void"? Tom the Troller returned, he wanted to congratulate Neil Doncaster on his appointment to UEFA 's Ethics Committee. At this point, you have to wonder what Mikey would say, remember he told us on numerous occasions, "Neil, Murdoch, and Rod are thoroughly decent guys". Still, Mikey thinks Ethics is a county in south east England!


Tom also had a pop at Dundee's John Nelms. Of course, he's hiding away with Mikey at Hollicom's safe house. Last week, I was sent a Blog from an oversees mate, it was about John Nelms formative years on the Holy Loch. You see, John's old man was a Submariner in the US Navy and he had a seven year posting to the Holy Loch, Scotland. A pre-teen and teenage John was oft' spotted in Dunoon strolling around in his green'n'grey hooped horror of a jersey. John Nelms is a Sellik supporter, who would have thunk it? Tom should call him out.


Today, we found out ra Sellik are in court reference historic child sex abuse at Celtic Boys' Club. An unamed former youth footballer has instructed Solicitor, Patrick McGuire from Thompsons to sue Celtic for damages. Now, we know Celtic's defence is based upon the club and the Boys' Club being separate entities. BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland show interviewed Patrick McGuire. The interviewer was Isabel Fraser and I was alarmed at her line of questioning. It was from a provided script, she stated the club and Boys club were separate entities and in asking if this was an attempt to receive monies by way of compensation, she was blaming the victims. The interview is available on Playback.


Another story not covered by BBC Scotland this week is Glasgow City Council granting planning permission for the Jimmy Johnstone Charitable Trust to build changing facilities at Third Lanark's old ground, Cathkin Park. Thirty five objections were lodged and ignored. I wonder why PQ find this awkward? I suspect we are better asking Hollicom?

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Mikey, Mikey!


A change of tact here, before PQ CSC begin broadcasting the weekend bilge, let's set them up on their previous week's garrulous exuberance.


Mikey has been absent these last four weeks, but BBC Scotland are telling us Hearts/Partick Thistle have lost their case against the SPFL. I am sure Mikey can not let that pass without comment? Surely, a member of the Foundation of Hearts must take up the cudgel?


The real battleground during the week occurred because the first of the former Celtic Boys' Club member's civil case against ra Sellik's contention of being a separate entity, had a preliminary outing in court. PQ's Isabel Fraser interviewed Patrick McGuire, Solicitor to several dozen former members of the Celtic Boys' Club. Isabel fixed bayonets and charged. Isabel blamed the victims. I have been told by several folk that Isabel is wife to Douglas Fraser, BBC Scotland's Economic correspondent? If that is the case, then her performance can be comfortably consigned to exuberance. Douglas is a season ticket holder at Easter Road. The interview was removed from Play Back, and heavily edited before being placed back up for listening.


Another interview on the back of the Celtic Boys' Club law suit, was John Beattie's questioning of Pat Nevin. Now, Pat is former CBC and lives in Duns. Interestingly, he is also a current Hibs season ticket holder. He decided to adopt a most strange attitude to events in the 70s. Pat the Rat has always twirled his Biro and shown the utmost angst for those in a state of sufferance. However, on this topic, he adopted a shrug of the shoulders and announced, 'I was all right Jack'. His Dad took the training at CBC and he was safe, but he knew things happened in the cars of known offenders after training/cars. Pat's interview was also taken off Play Back, the nervous sniggerfest was not the correct tone. Again, it reappeared after editing.


One wonders what direction Big Dick will take on Saturday?

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On 03/07/2020 at 18:08, 26th of foot said:

However, on this topic, he adopted a shrug of the shoulders and announced, 'I was all right Jack'. His Dad took the training at CBC and he was safe...

Although it has indeed reappeared, it's this part that's been edited out for some reason or another. Sinister or not?

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Maybe, with the imminent job losses, they're trying to get Bears back buying their scummy rag.


I would hope most of us are clever enough not to assist them in their hour of need.  

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Go Radio, a digital station with a greater Glasgow broadcast footprint, was taken over by (Lord) Willie Haughey and (Sir) Tom Hunter last year. They've fairly big plans for it, plans that have been hampered by the Covid lockdown, but are now finally being rolled out. They see sport, specifically football, as being key to the station's growth and success. They're investing in 'talent' and production people and, if rumours are to be believed, have their eye on securing commentary rights for SPFL matches. Apart from the co-owners having deep pockets they also have excellent connections at Hampden, having helped fund the purchase the stadium from Queens Park a couple of years ago, so getting a sympathetic hearing might not be hard for them, plus the game is desperate for money so any new revenue is likely to be very welcome. I understand they see the dynamic between Rangers and BBC Scotland as providing an opportunity for them to attract listeners. The 'talent' I've heard mentioned doesn't suggest this is going to be some kind of Rangers love-in, but if it at least provides live commentary of matches and interviews with our manager and players it might be very welcome.

Time will tell. 

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7 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

Maybe, with the imminent job losses, they're trying to get Bears back buying their scummy rag.


I would hope most of us are clever enough not to assist them in their hour of need.  

I'd be very surprised if there aren't a good few Gersnet members who still read the Record daily.

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