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Pacific Quay Musings?

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Credit where it’s due, no excuses and no nonsense from Sportscene tonight. They gave us full credit and did a good job of showing how good we were. It helps that McCann was on. But Michael Stewart had actually predicted a 2-0 win for us. 

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Tagine Kheredine.


Like the North African cooking pot of the nomads, Kheredine has the reputation of being eternally moist. A professional, he brings the necessary enthusiasm to each topic he covers. Keeping the lid on it is another of his strong suits, and rawking lap dog loyalty is no problem either. A decade of trailing Andy around the tennis circuit must have stimulated the thought of an Andy-apricot combination?

His biggest advantage is, not being Chris McLaughlin. Further, he doesn’t possess a creepy sister, Connie taking every opportunity to promote her life coach business. Last evening’s BBC Scotland’s news carried a four minute piece previewing Scottish clubs’ participation in the group stages of the Europa Cup, and Kheredine Idessane was the man. It was inevitable, application of some privately educated salve to a five year running sore.


Rangers and Rangers supporters are often ignored by the national broadcaster, this season so far, our participation in Europe has been the epitome of a Curate’s egg. A couple of commentaries by proxy ie watching Rangers TV in a PQ studio, and providing secondary, disinterested descriptions. BBC’s previews for the qualifying round included all British clubs including Dundalk, but no Rangers.


Kheredine spent three and a half minutes at ra Stade de Gadd, interviewing Neil and talking up the overwhelming positivity at the ground. Neil is praising his players, they have achieved so much in the past, they will do so again in the future. All sounds a bit Connie MCLaughlin that, could she be the reported Dermot Desmond funded psychological help for Rangers Sellik squad? AC Milan are BIG TIME, and Rangers Sellik play their football in the reflected glow.


The last thirty seconds of the piece was Kheredine upon the Hinshelwood grassy knoll. Silhouetted by the Ibrox main stand, we were told of Rangers good fortune. Liege have three players ruled out by COVID, just like Saturday’s circumstances at Parkhead. That’s it, no positivity, no aspirations, no managerial interview, just lucky bastards.


We know Kheredine does not carry the same toxicity as Chris, but he is a Sellik man. I would advise Kheredine to do what every other BBC Scotland employee does with matters Rangers, run far away and hope Andy Murray embarks on the senior tennis tour soonest. Why can’t they find someone to cover our games?

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Here are the second and third paragraphs of the BBCs report of the match. My word, you would never know they didn’t register a shot on target and we were actually far more threatening than they were throughout the game. We clung on, that’s the story. 
And they say Muleka twice “headed” against the bar despite the fact they know fine well that the second one was a deliberate hand ball and not a header. 



The Ibrox club rode their luck at times after James Tavernier's 19th-minute penalty broke the deadlock. 

Jackson Muleka twice headed against the bar in the first half and Standard pushed hard for a leveller after the break. But Gerrard's men held firm in front of more than 3,000 fans in Belgium to start with a win.


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7 hours ago, BlackSocksRedTops said:

Just checked the BBC website and surprise, surprise...are we the main headline after beating a team on their own patch for the first time in Europe in 6 years? Of course not. Instead we are blessed with the story of how plucky Celtic rallied against Milan in a 3-1 home defeat 

It’s absolutely bizarre. They are the very 1st story on both Sport and Football. Despite the fact nothing even happened, big team beats wee team. 
We are the 8th story in the Football section despite the fact that it was a notable away win for a British team with a goal of the tournament contender. 

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Just watched their highlights. Aside from their goal, a header from a corner, they didn’t even create anything. Two shots well over the bar and one low and easily saved from the edge of the box were their best chances. They didn’t register a shot on target during their “rally” aside from that header. Yet “despite rally” still made it into the headline. 

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