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Pacific Quay Musings?

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30 minutes ago, alexscottislegend said:

Thanks. I was going to say volte face but then thought it seemed churlish and 'smart-arshish' to actually point it out. However, as you infer, 'vault' is actually more appropriate since Lille on Thursday may actually bury their hopes for this season. My only fear is that they may actually sack Lenny and install, say, Lambert i.e. someone with more tactical acumen. 

The treachery of predictive text, alex. Many’s a time one of my literary gems has been torpedoed by the little bugger in the ipad.

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Wow, just wow! Within hours of @JohnMc great post about Lennons media skills in which he predicts that Lennon will soon turn on the media to galvanise his idiotic supporters behind him, bbc Scotland website runs exactly this type of article in which Lennon blames the media for his current troubles, citing newspaper polls about his suitability to continue as manager as evidence. 

Are you sure you are not the head of the Bheast fc media machine @JohnMc?

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17 hours ago, 26th of foot said:

Bring on the Empty Horses.


Ra Sellik had two consecutive defeats on their own midden, Rangers banjoed them two zip, followed by a 1-3 whipping from AC Milan. A three all draw at Pittodrie kicked off the crisis. Lenny was up to his old tricks, had lost the dressing room, and Duffy was begging for Mercy. Hollicom have exited stage left but the game remains the same. Neil is the man and a convincing cabaret is required. Tuesday evening arrived, seconds out, and Martin O'Neill delivered a performance of amusement, absurdity, and poignancy.


One hour of Knockabout Martin on BBC Radio Scotland was the price worth paying to avail the audience that Lenny remained the man. Steadying the buffs required a whole raft of on message Yahoo Journos, they were on the oars at battle speed, a ramming interference was the order of the day. Gerrard has it easy, Neil faces tougher opposition, and the merest positive will be accentuated. Gersnetters will be aware this thread has ran for nearly three years, it's just as well because it allows us to see a recurring theme.


Ra Sellik are truly unique, a club like no other, each and every year of the last three; they have been drawn in the Europa Cup group that in reality is a Champions League group. All other participants in the Europa Cup, including Rangers have been condemned to facing clubs sitting tenth placed in their national leagues. Sellik's victories count more towards the national co-efficient and their grip on the national standard is tighter.


PQ CSC tell us this and choose the Blarney Bhoys and MON to tell us so. Last night, it was full commentary for ra Sellik's heroic 2-2 draw in France, Pat Bonner relayed the beating heart of Donegal. It was a typical BBC Scotland production, Rangers were relegated to the odd comment of Billy Dodds watching Rangers TV. Deliberately, they keep us on the sidelines, beelin' and raging. We can never be Scottish enough, strictly back of the bus.


It's a considerable effort building the platform, can Neil augment the given sweat by defeating Aberdeen in the the Scottish Cup semi-final and once again placing ra Sellik centre stage? A lot of folks are relying on the misogynistic ego centric pulling the last rabbit out of the hat, will Shane Duffy stand strong? This moment in time is the best place we have been in over eight years. As ever, the PQ gang Hut are determined to extinguish any hope not borne of the great hunger.


It's down to our appetite.

This is now to our benefit IMO - I am happy that all and sundry defend Lennon because he is so volatile a character he will now only be one or two results away from full meltdown and (even more) players downing tools.  He did it at Hibs and he did it at Bolton too.  The longer he is in charge at Celtic, the longer he throws his own players under the bus, the longer everyone in the mhedia defend him - the better it is for us - let us go quietly about our business, winning game after game, pretty OR ugly, and before they know it they will have little option but to accept we are now a match for their heroes....

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