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1 hour ago, compo said:

Since this Greenslade story first broke there hasn't been a single word of condemnation in the Guardian 

Henry McDonald, their Northern Ireland correspondent, has been very critical of Greenslade in the past, as he has been about Irish republican violence in general. McDonald's upbringing and background give him an insight into the reality of these people that violence tourists like Greenslade will never understand. 

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Roy Greenslade deserves his own thread, it should run and run.


As JohnMc has alluded, Greenslade intervened when Jum Spence and his wife, out for an evening stroll, had a Rangers supporter shout abuse at them from across the road. Jum was traumatised, and reported the incident to the Police. Several years later, we can only assume inquiries are continuing?


Greenslade empathising with Jum and complaining bitterly about consequences faced because of outspoken support for perceived unpopular causes is an outrage. Born and bred in Dagenham with no connection to Ireland, he was a member of the CPGB as a teenager. Now, when the split occurred between the Official IRA(the stickies) and the Provisional IRA(the Provos), the CPGB sided with the Stickies, peaceful resolution through the ballot box. Roy supported the Provos because he liked his hole.


Roy's relationship and subsequent marriage to Irish Journo, Noreen Taylor explains a lot. Roy enjoyed the rewards of a base instinct, his constant, casual dismissal of others' rewards of an even baser instinct, ie life because they disagreed with his mates, is how he should be remembered. Roy had a column in the Provos newspaper, An Phoblacht(under the nomme de guerre George King) for decades. He targeted, taunted, and teased the civil authorities. Roy is a Hector. Dr Joe Hendron SDLP MP for Belfast West called out Gerry Adams et al, "a sectarian and fascist organisation". Such free speech was too free for Roy, Hendron was targeted as a working GP.


This is a Rangers supporters forum, why is Greenslade worthy of scrutiny? When you hear Cosgrove make repeated statements such as, "ah don't get it, Rangers supporters are on the sidelines, raging and beeling" - that is a direct attempt to remove our voice. We have nothing worthy to say and Cosgrove utilises this to ridicule and target PQ colleagues who continue to support Rangers. Remember, Cosgrove has three former Rangers supporting mates who stopped their support because Rangers are no longer the same club. He is telling us the road to take, just like we should forget the Rangers Tax Case Blog.


Roy came to hate through expediency and it has provided him with a very good standard of life. The relatives of his victims can mourn opportunities lost, Roy will find warmth in his property portfolio.

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Preston and Privilege.


Better late than never.


Saturday's Off the Ball had Allan Preston as the guest. He played for St Johnstone and Coached Livi', thus given the next da's League Cup final, appropriate. The most interesting thing about Allan is his nickname, 'Biscuits'. After he revealed his support was for the Perthshire Saints, Cosgrove began to butter the Preston biscuit. His resolve stiffened, Allan erupted with, "if Saints win the cup tomorrow, then they are Scotland's second most successful club in the last decade". Cosgrove was the recipient of further reward when Allan questioned, "what have the rest of Scottish football been doing"?I thought Stuart would have answered, 'Rangers have been standing on the sidelines, raging and beeling'. However, Allan was too quick, "Gerrard has only won one trophy in seven".


I would have thought the figure would be one in eight, but probably, I know as much as Players' Agent, Allan Preston has signed on at Ibrox? This was the full triple oven baked Biscotti, "Neil Lennon is a legend, as a player and a manager". Again, I thought Cosgrove will put him right on the well documented claims of misogynistic bullying against Lennon, this is new, modern Scotland? Allan changed (hard)tack, Livingston's manager David Martindale was worthy of Manager of the Year. Rehabilitation was thick in the broadcast air, on the understanding Cosgrove will not be extending it to Nathan Patterson("a H-u-n and typical orange wanker").


Biscuits line about Saints success in the last decade was such a good line that Chris McLaughlin used it on four separate broadcast occasions. Once each live on radio and TV on Sunday at the conclusion of the final, and again once each on the same means on Monday lunchtime bulletins. Allan provided a comfort blanket for the entire PQ Gang Hut. Rangers supporters will have to rely on Gerrard's European success these last three years, to keep us warm?


Today's Daily Record carries a front page of the Governor of Glenochil Prison, Forbes McKillop and line Manager at Cornton Vale, Brian Wallace photographed in a three household gathering to watch their beloved St Johnstone win the League Cup. Serious stuff, no social distancing, no masks, and no decorum. There will be consequences because as the Record put it, "this is a classic case of somebody preaching one set of rules to people and living by another". It screams PRIVILEGE!


Talking of privilege, down PQ way there exists a Broadcaster who has already boasted this season, "I have not missed a second of St Johnstone playing live this season, mainly at the behest of BBC Scotland engineers". Cosgrove did not miss a second of Sunday's League Cup final either, mainly at the behest of BBC Scotland's Director, Steve Carson. This wasn't the Gang Hut sneaking Stuart and Tam into Fir Park for the Off the Ball Derby earlier in the season, no this was the result of a rescheduling of the running order. Sunday's Off the Ball was curtailed to a one hour show, ending at 2 O'Clock. This allowed Cosgrove to get over to Hampden to co-commentate for saints TV. All other PQ staff should demand similar privilege.


We can ponder as to why Cosgrove is so special? It could be those lunches with SPFL Chair, Neil Doncaster at Gamba, it could be those hours as Sarah Leyden on the Rangers Tax Case Blog, or because he is such a big Toady. I hope those rumours of Steve Carson and family utilising a BIG Hoose for rent in Sri Lanka are not true? The best bit is Cosgrove in Monday's Dundee Courier lionising Saints victory as a triumph for every Schemie(Stuart was raised in Letham, Perth). I bet both Forbes McKillop and Brian Wallace know more about Schemies than Cosgrove. What Scheme is Stuart's BIG Hoose in amid Sri Lanka's beautiful scenery?


We will end with a nice piece of symmetry. Remember Preston's plea for Martindale to be Manager of the Year? By Monday evening, he had changed tune. Callum Davidson winning a trophy in his first season is now, more worthy of consideration. even Gerrard couldn't do it.

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