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Pacific Quay Musings?

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Some good chat on reddit:



The silence from St Patrick is deafening.

Why are we even contemplating letting Ireland carry on when we know it’s likely to generate a repeat of the scenes we saw today?



You never see St Andrew fans acting like this. Never!


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1 hour ago, Thinker said:

Some good chat on reddit:




It was similar yesterday on Twitter.


First up is the Justice Secretary, Humza Yousaf, he Tweets :"Happy St Patricks Day to our Celtic cousins in Ireland". He repeats the message in Gaelic with accompanying Saltire and Tricolour. Obviously, some of the Irish in Northern Ireland are not Celtic cousins. Unlike George Square, Humza has nothing to say about events in Kelvingrove Park, no letter with a Senior Police Officer's signature and no demands for Police Scotland to issue fixed penalties.


George Galloway gets involved, he Tweets : "Humza is responsible for the Hate Crime act, the most pernicious piece of legislation ever in Scotland, he is not even a Celt, not even working class". Gorgeous George is not giving Humza the respect due a Hutchie Grammar School boy, and he accuses Galloway of racism. I don't think Humza has read George's claims of his grandparents arriving at the quayside in Glasgow, hungry and in bare feet? Ah mean, Humza lost his school dinner money one day.


Step forward another Dundonian, in fact a fellow born'n'bred chap from Lochee. The current Rectum of Dundee Uni' has been Tweeting all day about St Patrick and what it means to him. he remembers his denominational primary school and singing, 'Hail Glorious St Patrick' and then adds this Tweet :It must be a generational or catholic school thing, but I still couldn't tell you when St Andrews Day is? St Patricks Day is burned into my mind". Again, as usual I must remind all Gersnetters, Jum is Rectum for all Dundee Uni' undergraduates and post graduates. He is a born'n'bred Scot, raised the breadth of the Tay from St Andrews, and a former Altar Boy who doesn't know the day his country celebrates it's Saint. No shouting at Jum!


BBC Scotland should provide live coverage on both radio and TV of the Humza - Galloway boxing match at Sellik Park. Jum Spence to Referee on who is the most Sellik minded and who omits most working class credentials. Winner take it all.

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I am outraged that our overworked, overstretched National Health Service has had to divert vital staff and resources to deal with a flood of ginger headed paddies with sunstroke and sunburn.




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Tonight's Sportsound was no surprise.


Hosted by David Currie, the guests were Thistle's Richard Foster, Livi Skipper, Marvin Bartley and, Michael Stewart.


Michael Stewart called Rangers push for a UEFA investigation into the an alleged racist comment made by Slavia player, Kuedela against Rangers midfielder, Glen Kamara, "unfortunate because there is no evidence, it's like the complaint made against Michael Gardyne earlier in the season, again without any evidence".


Marvin Bartley and Richard Foster disagreed with Stewart. Both mentioned Kamara as a most laid back type of guy, and neither had seen such a reaction from him as last night's. 


What was not discussed was Slavia player claims of Rangers supporters swarming Ibrox, many making it inside the Stadium. Even better, Slavia's claim of Kuedela being ambushed and punched and kicked to the ground in the Tunnel. Now, there is no evidence for this claim, as Rangers had deliberately turned off the CCTV. Slavia claim it was thus, "premeditated". I saw footage of Kuedela walking along Edmiston Drive and getting on the team bus post match, no apparent injuries. .............................., etc.

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Changing the Angle of Attack.



League football is over, bar the shouting. Rangers have won the title, gone to the Chamber half-arsed, barely got out of second gear and secured a draw. The gap remains 20 points with only the five matches after the split to go. There has been some shouting, Jum Spence late of the PQ parish couldn't take it, he Tweeted :"Watching the highlights that Celtic squad should hang their heads for abject surrender this season to a Rangers side which wasn't as good, but had more heart and better organisation". Jum is uncannily like Michael Stewart(more of whom later), he pings dozens of ridiculous Tweets throughout the season reference Sellik, "fast, fluent, and frighteningly impressive" and my favourite, "Celtic have secured ten-in-a-row with the signing of Shane Duffy". The Rectum digs a hole and cannot help defecate another turd in justification.


Mainly, the generated PQ noise came from the News/Current Affairs Bhoys and Ghirls, a fortnight after Rangers supporters celebrated in George Square. A mixed message, you see Professor Jason Leitch told us on Off the Ball, there was no correlation between joyous Bears and further outbreaks of Covid. Step forward Jane Hamilton and her source, Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins. Bernie told Jane, some officers were quarantining after policing duties in George Square. No numbers, no names and, no specific interviews. Still, good enough for PQ to have it as lead news item on all means throughout the weekend.


The Bernie and Jane double act hitting the top of the bill is nothing new. Go back 30 years, then it was Anna Smith and Superintendent Kevin Smith(no relation). Fifteen thousand Rangers supporters attending a pre-season testimonial in Sunderland was painted as a riot. There had been four arrests for fighting in a club, but Anna and Kevin(he provided police intelligence) claimed Sunderland had been ransacked, a 20 times jump in crime rates and, a shady gang of agent provocateurs, the ICS(Inter-City Scots) had lead proceedings. Anna accompanied Kevin and his SWAT lads on a dawn raid in Cambuslang, four teenage members of the ISC were carried out of their beds and into the jail. Front page news in the Daily Record and across Auntie Beeb. The four lads were released the next morning with no charges and no reporting.


Let's hope Bernie takes Jane along on undercover raids too? You see Bernie and Jane gave PQ what it wanted, what it needed; with no regard to the truth. Jane has previous, she reported the events after the Scottish Cup final in 2016. Her Polis partner then, was Calum Steele. Police Scotland did not respond to pitch invasions at Hampden because Bears leaving the ground, deliberately prevented responding vehicles by throwing their children in front of the wagons. Apparently, this was a well practised tactic in Northern Ireland by the PUL community? It's quite a comeback for Jane, you see Rangers supporters complained to IPSO(Independent Press Standards Organisation) for her reporting of cup final day events, and IPSO upheld our complaint.


Another fallout of that final, was an examination of Jane's social media. Lot's of sectarian language and photos of her and a stage full of cronies. The pictures were all taken at Sellik Park, she was posing with Stacey Mullen(Assistant Editor at the Herald), Connie McLaughlin, Rosie King(SSP MSP), and Alison McConnell. All sitting together in the green comfy seats overlooking the Green Brigade below, and none of them saw a hanging effigy twisting in the breeze?


Superintendent Kevin Smith made it all the way to Chief Constable of Central Region Constabulary. I am sure in today's politicised Police Scotland, Assistant Chief Constable Higgins will be similarly rewarded? Sticking it on the H-u-ns earns you wriggle room. Michael Stewart has so much space he can turn an oil tanker. After cautioning against Kamara submitting a racism claim, he reminded the listenership of ross County's Gardyne and, concluded there was a lack of corroboration. A host of pundits including Preston, McCann, Bartley, Dodds, ....... etc chorused, "Bongani Zungu". Michael like Jum, went on to justify things he had said in two previous shows and why he said them. The Tweet from Rio Ferdinand telling Michael to educate himself was water off a duck's back. Michael is right, particularly when he's wrong.

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3 minutes ago, the gunslinger said:

didn't kevin and anna smith dig up some poor souls body accusing him of being bible john. 



Kevin's old man was a Sergeant in the Glasgow police in the 60s, he founded the Catholic Police Guild. He believed a serving soldier in the Scots Guards was Bible John. Thirty years later, and said Scots Guard deceased, Kevin provided information to then Chief Reporter at the Daily Record, Anna Smith. A series of front page stories led to the deceased soldier's remains being disinterred. It took a few months, but eventually Anna told the readership he was NOT Bible John, sixth column page 9.


Anna decided to retire to her coastal cottage in Donegal and become an Author. Her first book was titled, 'Spit in the Wind'.


Anna's main thrust on the Bible John story was the British Army harboured a serial killer, she did not care, nor did she apologise to the deceased soldier's surviving family. Another story that hastened her departure was the murder of Lawrence Haggerty. Again, with Kevin's advice, Anna pursued front page headlines of sectarian murder. Lawrence had been a Celtic Boys Club player, Anna was convinced he had been tortured and even after a Scout Master was convicted; Anna's last line was, 'Police are refusing to rule out a sectarian motive for murder'.


Anna and Kevin - role models for Jane and Bernie.

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Today, PQ watched the studio TV and commented on incidents.


Michael Stewart was watching and smarting from "the organised campaign" by Rangers supporters over expressing his disappointment at Kamara and Rangers accusing Slavia Prague player, Kudela of racism; the last words on today's Ibrox events was left to the underachiever. He stated, "having watched back the Porteous goal, I cannot see any foul, Hibs will feel aggrieved". Sportsound ended.


Michael will be on tonight's Sportscene, there will be a retrial where Hibs were denied a deserved win and, an incident will be found/constructed involving Morelos worthy of a retrospective red card. Michael also predicted on Sportsound that ra Sellik will win next weekend's Scottish Cup tie. Fearless Michael continues to stand up to vile Rangers supporters and their organised campaigns.


The next two games for Rangers are massive, facing the best footballing side in the country(as stated by Sellik's Big Nose) and the country's second most successful club in the last decade(Cosgrove champions Saints). We will need to be organised? 

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