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Pacific Quay Musings?

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The match in Perth has finished ten minutes, a penalty awarded by the Referee in the 4th minute of injury time has secured the Saints a 1-1 draw.


On BBC Scotland's football webpage, Jamie Lyall has a typical report, "the result leaves Rangers unable to amass 100 points".


So, Rangers are on 93 points with three left to play; obviously PQ arithmetic differs from normal numeracy? Three wins achieves nine points and that added to 93 would leave 102.


I note Jamie has changed it, "Rangers remain on track to amass 100 for the first time".


Poor Jamie, having to work Chris McLaughlin's Suvul Calculator. 

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12 minutes ago, the gunslinger said:

i know he got a yellow but would be amazed if the CO doesn't deal with this. It was wild. 

Yep, it's a lot less subtle than the Alfie or Roofes incidents. 

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BBC Scotland news just reporting David Turnbull is free to play against Rangers at Ibrox next week. He will not be cited. Apparently, kicking Dylan McGeoch after the ball has gone, is legitimate? I cannot help but think if the PQ CSC had put a bit more effort into highlighting the offence ...............


Anyways, talking of PQ; Michael Stewart was outraged at Turnbull's actions and is demanding Alfredo Morelos is the recipient of a six match ban. Talking of Michael, he has not been doing much talking on BBC Scotland recently. Rangers supporters complained about his lack of support for Kamara's claims of racism emanating from Slavia Prague player, Kudela. Michael preferred to utilise Rangers complaint reference Gardyne of Ross County, we should not complain, players might have misheard, "just like the alleged homophobic comment made by Michael Gardyne". 


Michael Stewart has been deliberately kept away from matters Rangers on both TV and Radio. It's similar to last years rant from the former Manchester United star, Michael stuck it on James Traynor knowing he would have no comeback. Michael was ignored by PQ for several weeks, it allowed Michael to settle in at his new gig, Celtic TV. BBC Scotland has announced that there will be no disciplinary action taken against Michael this time, because those 1,000 Rangers supporters complaining had done so, "in a targeted manner".


There you have it, Rangers supporters are sinister and David Turnbull kicked out at nobody. 

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Bad news for Dunfermline - drop down a division according to BBC and playing both East Fife and Arbroath today 


Posted at 16:1516:15

GOAL Dunfermline 3-2 Arbroath

Craig Wighton

Dunfermline retake the lead and it's looking gloomy for Caley Thistle once again.

  1. Posted at 16:2616:26

    GOAL East Fife 2-0 Dunfermline

    Aaron Steele

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Switching Tracks.


I caught the extra time and penalties of the Killie - St Boo Scottish Cup quarter-final on BBC Scotland's second channel. I feel everything is a lottery on the Rugby Park pitch, but my ghast was truly flabbered when PQ went straight over to the Scottish Cup semi-final draw, live. Hosting the draw was none other than Creepy Connie McLaughlin. You have got to marvel at the continual reciprocal agreement going on between BBC Scotland and ra Sellik.


When Lennon's Sellik were turfed out of the Champions League last August in the qualifying rounds, it was decreed the problem lay in the players lacking mental toughness. This was resolved amid considerable publicity, a Consultant was brought in to Lennoxtown to work on both players and coaching staff. The Connie Choo-choo came around the bend, a steaming and a rolling. Connie has her own company, 'Inner Buzz' and she NEVER misses an opportunity to encourage everyone to rawk their inner buzz.


Well, how did Connie's efforts do? In August, ra Sellik had all three domestic trophies and the Europa League to navigate. The tracks were laid down and Lennie the Tanked Engine strained for purchase. Two years past, BBC Scotland's second channel was launched in a flurry of publicity, it would provide programmes pertinent to new, modern Scotland. We have had the documentaries on Priest School, the First Communion, ............. etc. Why have we not had the documentary revealing the trials and tribulations of Creepy Connie doing her Casey Jones? I mean everybody loves a train wreck, don't they?


Anyways, sustained by brotherly love, Connie emerges from the carnage to present the Scottish Cup draw. It shows as one green'n'grey hooped project hits the buffers, it's easy to change tracks and remain seriously Sellik minded at PQ. Seamless shunting in a yard full of Annie McGuire, Angela Haggerty, Jane Graham, Michael Stewart ... etc, everyone guaranteed a good standard of life.



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