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Pacific Quay Musings?

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54 minutes ago, DMAA said:

I do normally watch and listen after we beat them. I don’t expect much, but my word, last night was by far the worst coverage I have seen. 

Sportscene, most people have probably already heard about. The whole thing was discussed from Celtic’s point of view, our last two goals weren’t even shown. They could have talked about Defoe scoring in what could be his last game but no, it ends with a literal Scott Brown tribute reel showing him scoring goals against Rangers. You couldn’t make it up. 

Sportsound, I have to admit I was expecting at least some improvement on that but it was dire listening. They managed to talk about the transition at Celtic for about 40 minutes. All the ins and outs, will Lawwell still advise from afar? Literally nothing said about Rangers other than in the context of discussing what Celtic have to do because they have been surpassed. 

This is a disgrace from a national broadcaster. One journalist having his press privileges removed doesn’t come close to justification for the constant Celtic-centric analysis and coverage and shameless lack of praise/analysis/anything of us. Well, funnily enough they never tired of talking about us when we were in the doldrums. 

One of the many reasons they do not get a bean from me for their prehistoric licence fee.

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Rangers are a week away from picking up the Premiership trophy.


How are BBC Scotland handling this?


Nostalgia. BBC Scotland regresses into warmer, happier times. The website is showing highlights of Dundee United defeating Rangers in the 2014 Scottish Cup semi-final at 'neutral' Ibrox. Tomorrow evening, you can view highlights of Hibs Scottish Cup final victory over Rangers in the 2016 final. Sportscene's Producer, Eamonn Donohoe has commissioned half-a-dozen shows of finals with the likes of Cosgrove, Michael Stewart, Janey Godley, James Allen, ........ etc looking on and offering comments.


Today, BBC Scotland's Sports News Columnist, Chris McLaughlin reveals an in depth interview with Craig Whyte. Read it if you wish, Craig reveals his time at Rangers, "was a nightmare and remains the biggest regret of my life". Next week, expect Adrian Sprott or the ghost of Sammy Reid to be featuring.

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It also highlights the problem they have creating content while refusing to deal with us. Normally there would an in-depth interview with the league champion's manager, maybe some of the backroom too. There would certainly be interviews with key players and I suspect they'd like to speak with directors either on the business or footballing side. Likewise a review of the key moments in the season should be accompanied with quotes from those involved. But when the national broadcaster chooses not to engage with the champions of the nation then we're left with Jane Godley's memories of the Scottish Cup, and who wouldn't want to hear that...


This is the nightmare scenario for Pacific Quay, they could get away with ignoring us when we weren't winning anything, but for BBC Scotland not to have an interview with Steven Gerrard, something that would syndicate all over the BBC and probably beyond due to his profile, is seriously negligent. The other problem they have is nature abhors a vacuum, others are filling the space they're leaving. If radio coverage could be done by someone else on a free to air basis and across the main digital or FM networks then BBC Scotland would become completely redundant. For me that's the last piece of the jigsaw.

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