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Pacific Quay Musings?

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I was being driven up from the North East England on Wednesday night, with several bears in my friends car, we got to the central belt, when the driver puts on Radio Snyde. One of the Bears in the back pipes up, ''Ha' way man put that pish off,  then the driver turns it to BBC CSC, the other passenger says ''that's even worse gadge''  


Education, education, education.  I blame myself, explain to Bears why you shouldn't listen to these biased stations. 

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9 hours ago, pete said:

It is if you have a television.

True but worth noting they have no way of telling and no right to enter your property to find out if you have one. 


Enforcement consists of letters practically weekly and the odd knock at the door. 


I had a licence years ago but the guy accross the hall didnt. 


They coukdnt work the adress system so for two years i was treated to their full wrath. 


It wasnt much to worry about. 

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10 hours ago, pete said:

It is if you have a television.

They have no legal authority to enter your residence. If any of them come to your door tell them to go pleasure themselves. Again, the psychological profile of people in this line of employment is not very complimentary. Then again that’s hardly surprising when dealing with what appears to be “legalised send the boys round”.

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some guy on there now.....must be a player, talking about games in Poland. Before the game starts, both teams go the crowd. They applaud their own fans and the opposition fans, thanking them for coming. They do the same at the end of the match regardless of the score.

That's a great idea I think

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4 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

They do it in Germany after matches.


Klopp tried it with Liverpool and got slated for it!

MacDonald was on about Dortmund as well.......said the players went into the crowd to explain why they were shite after a game

I'm all for it......imagine 'gers players applauding the tims and thanking them for coming to the match

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