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Pacific Quay Musings?

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I keep asking myself, how exactly did Celtic manage to turn success into catastrophe quite so efficiently. Normally they're shite at everything but boy did they turn that around in a hurry.


They had all the trophies, now they've none.

They had a good manager, now they've no one.

They had money, now they've only losses.

They had domination, now they're under our boot.

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Desmond's overconfidence and cost-cutting got Lennon the job.  That's the crux of it from their point of view.  


I don't think many Rangers fans would have predicted we'd go undefeated in the league.  Bit of a double whammy.

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BBC Radio Scotland's Euro Breakfast Show.


 From 07.30hrs each morning until 10.00hrs throughout the Euros(or until Scotland are no longer participating), BBC Radio Scotland are presenting a magazine show for avid fans of the European Championships. The Presenters are Kenny McIntyre and Creepy Connie McLaughlin. Kenny has been constantly lampooned and hectored by the usual suspects for being, 'a BIG Rangers man'. Not so much these days because they are comfortable with, 'a Token'. Kenny's presence allows a thin veneer of objectivity.


Anyways, I tuned in this morning and gave it twenty minutes before tuning out. Connie was her usual creepy self, the other regular Presenter is Tom English and today's guest was Neil Lennon. So, we had the person responsible for improving the individual and collective mental health of ra Sellik last season, interviewing the the bloke who stymied improvement in Sellik's collective mental health. Tom did anguish. The mouthwatering game on match day one in the newly released SPFL fixture list, is ra Sellik's trip to Tynecastle. A big test of Ange Postecoglou's mental health?


No mention of the trials and tribulations facing ra Broonie, he awaits Dundee United at the Hill of Dung. The Arabs new boss faces a similar difficult opening away game, but like ra Broonie he doesn't wear ra green'n'grey hoops, so who gives a fcuk? Still, it's a relief for Tom, how much anguish can he bring to the breakfast table? Personally, I thought the mouthwatering opening day game occurs at Somerset Park, newly relegated Killie are the visitors. Given our start to the world cup campaign, yesterday's 0-2 defeat and, Friday's looming visit to Wembley, Steve Clarke could be leading Killie into the Ershur Derby?


Life inside the PQ Gang Hut does NOT change.


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If the Cap Fits.



I have mentioned BBC Scotland's one hour discussion based show on occasion before, 'A View from the Terrace' is Hosted by Craig Telfer, a Stenhousemuir fan. There are four other regular contributors, Joel Sked(Jambo), Craig Fowler(Jambo), Robert Borthwick(Jambo) and, Shaughan McGuigan(Raith Rovers). I enjoy the show, it's eclectic and so far in it's third season, has not been unreasonable in it's dealings with matters Rangers. The strong suit of the show is the information imparted on the lower leagues, the foundation building blocks of our national game deserve more attention.


If there's a growing weakness in the show, it's their increasing propensity for having a special guest taking up 15-20 minutes of the show. They have had the likes of Craig Levein, Lewis Stevenson, ........ and, Pat Nevin. The diminutive star of ra Sellik Boys' Club has being doing the press rounds these last few weeks, he has an autobiography to peddle, 'The Accidental Footballer'. Pat held court in the last episode. 'A View from the Euros'. Clearly garrulous, he referred to his pal, "Clarky" and told of his confidence in Clarke's ability to get Scotland through the group stages.


Sitting astride a white unicorn, the former Chelsea winger rode into green pastures and told of a nervous English media, "they remember Leigh Griffith's free kicks". The temptation to over egg could not be denied as he lionised John McGinn, "Modric, honestly I watched him in the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Chelsea. McGinn is currently a better player than Modric and I would rather have him in my team". Reminded that Croatia were World Cup runners-up three short years past, Pat got the unicorn to gallop, "I'm not sure Croatia are the team they used to be. If you ask me, Modric or McGinn, I would always choose McGinn. Modric is one of my favourite players in the last twenty years, but he is old now, he can be overtaken". 


Watching Croatia's performance at Hampden last night, particularly Modric's; I am wondering if Pat continues in the saddle. Surely Clarky will have at least fitted stablisers to Nevin's unicorn? Pat is making a habit of callous statements. He told of not being bothered by the child rapists at Sellik Boys Club because, "my dad organised all the training". If only his then team mates could have relied on such protection. It's the opportunity never passed up too, he was asked four weeks ago by Hugh MacDonald to relate an example of sectarianism suffered in the immediate wake of Rangers supporters title celebrations? Pat related an incident as a young teenager, after playing well in a game and scoring a few goals. Apparently, he was approached by a Rangers scout who asked his name? Pat replied, "Patrick Kevin Francis Michael Nevin, I never heard back".


I am NOT denying Rangers signing policy is the mid-late seventies was not what it had been, and not what it is today. However, Pat's tale is most similar to Danny McGrain's and ignores the experience of a 12 year old John Spencer. He had already been moved from  SaintJohn Bosco School to Saint Ninians because of threats of constant beatings from his fellow pupils and bullying from Teachers. Of course, if only John's dad had did all the teaching. Too twee, too trite.


I note these last couple of decades, Pat has chosen to reside in Duns. Depending upon one's point of view, the most famous or notorious former resident in John Duns Scotus. A 13th century Friar who determined how many angels can balance on the head of a pin. Pat's objective appreciation of Modric and Croatia as a favour to Clarky - as they say, if the cap fits.



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18 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

The diminutive star of ra Sellik Boys' Club has being doing the press rounds these last few weeks, he has an autobiography to peddle

I'm looking forward to your review in The Bookshelf thread.


19 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

Nevin: "McGinn is currently a better player than Modric and I would rather have him in my team".

I used to go out with a lassie frae Duns.  Can't remember the weed she got being that strong.  ?

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46 minutes ago, gaspard said:



Gaspard, that's an interesting find.


I attended my first match against Third Lanark in August'63. I have no memory of a Scottish Cup match against Duns. What league did they play in? Did Jim Clark put money into the club? Where do they play now?

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