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Pacific Quay Musings?

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Compare and Contrast?


Last night, Liam McLeod watched a monitor inside a Pacific Quay studio and commentated as live from the Premier Sports feed of Malmo - Rangers Champions League qualifier. Richard Gordon sat in an other PQ studio with Richard Foster and commented at half-time and full time. Coverage finished at 20.15hrs, just in excess of two and half hours broadcasting.


Tomorrow evening, BBC Scotland's Sportscene will show live ra Sellik's  attempt to qualify for the Europa Cup group stages. They are in the Czech Republic facing FK Jablonec. You pay your License Fee, you get full live TV coverage of the club carrying the Scottish standard, sustaining the national coefficient.


Next Tuesday, despite being half-a-mile from Ibrox; BBC Scotland will continue to watch monitors inside PQ when Rangers are playing. 

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As painful as Tuesday evening's result was, it is important this diary is updated.


Richard Gordon sat in PQ, half a mile from Ibrox with Mark Hateley, Charlie Adam and, Chris Burke for company.  No live commentary, just chat. There is no excitement in Rangers being in the Champions League, however temporary that particular existence.


If you want joy, tune in this evening when Scotland's important Euro competitors are involved. We all pay the same license fees, we receive differing services.

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32 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

 There is no excitement in Rangers being in the Champions League, however temporary that particular existence.



Indeed. Plenty of relief and scorn though from the usual PQ protagonists as soon as the final whistle went. Tom English in particular who penned an article after Celtic's CL exit damming their dire performance had to do a quick 180 degree. From a team whose second XI could beat ra Sellick the week before, Rangers now become a side that lacks bottle and belief, that can't perform in "the heat of a full house". Chief Sportswriter's at PQ need more than one face. He never fails to let you down.

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You can bet your last shekel they will be crawling out the woodwork in all aspects of the media to gloat and keep reminding us of their horrid ignorance, stuff them all .

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Ten-man Rangers avoided a sobering draw at home to Alashkert as Alfredo Morelos' strike kept them on course for the Europa League group stage ?


from the BBC facebook page tonight. 


What the actual fuck. Avoided a draw did we. 

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The Shape of Things.


Gunslinger has correctly highlighted BBC Scotland's grudging acceptance of Rangers victory last evening. Elevating the grudge is to be expected but, another element was included in the full report, 'the comparative'. Here it is :


10 man Rangers edge out Alashkert.


Ten man Rangers avoided a sobering draw at home to Alashkert as Alfredo Morelos' goal kept them on course for the Europa League group stage.

The last time the Armenian champions visited Glasgow was in 2018, they were beaten 3-0 by a Celtic side who played 79 minutes with a man short.

This time Rangers had John Lundstram sent off just before the break but, Morelos' second goal in European competition this season means they take a narrow advantage to Yerevan.


The comparative is in the second line. I wonder why BBC Scotland did not include the comparative when Sellik crashed out of the Champions League qualifiers to Midtylland? They could have mentioned in 2019 that rAngers had defeated the Danes 2-4 away and 3-1 at Ibrox for a 7-3 aggregate victory. Of course they didn't because it's not really relevant. How is something that occurred even further back was deemed appropriate for association with last night's game? It's just Gang Huttery.


It was a long evening for the Beeb, full commentary for both the Aberdeen game in Azerbaijan and St Johnstone in Austria. The Dandy Dons Dimension of Big Dick, Wullie Miller and, Liam McLeod told of and blamed the Qarabag pitch for Considine's injury, the conceded goal and, JET's lack of mobility. The Saints were plucky, including the now handsome Glenn Middleton. The only Scottish team to win, Rangers are now ahead of ra Sellik in UEFA rankings, but that was NOT mentioned.


PQ's coverage of Rangers at Ibrox last night was being ridiculed on Pie and Bovril, "Richard Gordon and a couple of others watching CeeFax". No live commentary, not even from the studio TV. When Morelos notched, Big Dick announced we had scored by added, "we cannot tell you anything of the build up to the goal or how the ball hit the net". Michael Stewart thought Alfie was offside and deserved a red card.



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I see Postecoglu throwing in his tuppence worth now. Someone needs to give this guy a brief history lesson about his new employers stretching back 40/50 years. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

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