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Pacific Quay Musings?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Jack Ross appalled by Porteous abuse.


Eleven days after the game, in the wake of two international matches and, less than 48 hours before Hearts visit Ibrox; Hibs boss, Jack Ross has returned to the subject of Ryan Porteous. Nothing to say about Dundee United's visit to Easter Road, no Jack's mind is focused upon, "potentially dangerous taunts via social media". BBC Scotland's BIG Jambo, Brian McLauchlin has nipped in before Alan Preston and Michael Stewart to put pressure on Saturday's Referee. He reports Porteous was sent off for a first half tackle on Joe Aribo when Hibs were leading 1-0. 


He quotes Jack Ross on a continuing injustice that sees the Hibs centre half banned for Hibs next two league games against Dundee United and Aberdeen, "We have to separate what happened on the pitch, it was a tackle and there are lots of different opinions on how bad a tackle it was. Was it a good tackle or a red card. It's done". Ross goes further, "In the aftermath he has received an awful lot of abuse that goes beyond the pale. In my opinion it was unacceptable. I've seen screenshots of sectarian abuse, homophobic abuse, people wishing him to die of tumours, I am shocked by the venom".


The Hibee Gaffer was warming up, "I reckon some of the punditry surrounding the incident is a contributing factor. I cannot say for definite the language used by some who give opinion on what happened on the pitch has helped stoke things but I certainly don't think it helps" . Apparently, Ryan is a sensitive lad, "it's not been nice for the boy, we are fortunate here that our head of player care is a former Police Superintendent and we took guidance from him. It's an individual thing if you want to report such abuse in a criminal sense". Jack Ross finished by expanding comments on wider Scots society, "I don't think we can differentiate between different kinds of abuse in Scotland where sectarian abuse has never gone away and remains rife. Certainly, from what I've seen, it was sent to Ryan".


Both the timing and the choice of BBC Scotland are deliberate, Jack knows he will receive full bang for running his mouth off. Wikipedia tells us that Porteous is a product of Dalkeith High School. I believe it to be a non-denominational school, the charge of sectarianism must be explained. Surely, it's too serious a topic to suffer claims that dilute? Reference the homophobic charge, there is no reason in today's society why Ryan should not proclaim his true identity. Say it loud, say it proud.


I love the comment on Hibs head of player care being a former senior Copper. Tell me Jack, what did he say, in fact what did you say when Irvine Welsh was calling Alfredo Morelos, "a sticky bun" and advocating slicing him into pieces with a machete? All on Hibs TV too.



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I renewed my TV Receiver Licence under protest. Several protests, actually, one of which was the BBC Scotland fiasco with regard to Rangers. Here is what BBC Audience Services say.


Rangers continue to operate an exceptional ban on one of our journalists which severely restricts our ability to report freely from Ibrox. We hope you’ll understand that, in order to maintain public trust in the impartiality and independence of our reporting, it is the BBC’s responsibility to determine who should report, on its behalf, on any particular story or organisation. It would be inappropriate for us to allow any other body or organisation to pick and choose which BBC reporters should or should or should not provide our news reports.


We have offered to return to Ibrox to provide match commentaries and interviews etc. while we try to find a permanent solution to the overall dispute, but Rangers have said this is unacceptable. We continue to speak to the Club as we seek to find a mutually agreeable solution to the current impasse.


I’m conflicted here. While I understand that others have different needs from the Broadcaster I personally don’t want any Sportscene/Sound people back at Ibrox because they will just carry on where they left off but it’s the principle that matters.


I’ll be answering the letter to see if I can persuade them to reply more substantively and more accurately. (What “ban”?) In addition, they are silent on the Manchester United/Dundee United scenarios on which I invited comparison.


One of the non Rangers matters I raised was the futility of the BBC Scotland Channel. They tell me it’s the most watched digital channel between 7pm and midnight. After BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV/STV, and Channels 4 and 5. What an achievement. I wonder who came sixth. ALBA?

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On 21/10/2021 at 08:23, Frankie said:

Phil Goodlad certainly didn't mention the game on the 7.25am sports bulletin.  Editorially fair...

After reading this comment, purposely I tuned into BBC Radio Scotland's lunchtime news and sports bulletin at 1pm. Jonathan Sutherland hosted the five minute sports slop. Two items; firstly Scotland's qualification for the cricket T20 world cup was discussed, and quite rightly too. Scotland won all three of their qualification matches against Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and, Oman. This involved a couple of recorded interviews with the Skipper of the side and a recently retired Scots cricketer. Secondly, another two minutes were allocated to the scarcity of Rugby Union Referees in Scotland.


No mention of the Rangers match or BBC Scotland's coverage. Just as well, the coverage was Big Dick and Tom Anguish in a PQ studio, watching a TV and making comments. There was neither a half time or full time report, simply told the audience the result. At half time, Big Dick announced a chat on Scotland's other club participating in European football and, Tom immediately used the adjectives, "tremendous", "extra ordinary" and, "fantastic". The sellik support were buying into Ange, "they believe in him" and then he eulogised Tuesday afternoon's attendance, "we're talking sixty thousand at three O'Clock here, better than a dozen Champions League games". According to Tom one of those CL matches was Barcelona against Rangers? You need a helluva lot of Brasso to put a shine on a turd, I suspect Tom has been enjoying a fly tipple?


To complete the circle, no mention of our score on BBC Scotland's early morning sports bulletin either. No wonder Cosgrove can regularly state he doesn't get Rangers supporters, "they're on the sidelines beelin". We are well done the road to Espanyolification at PQ. They don't want to talk about us unless it's a BIG negative; however they continue to take our License Fees because they have mortgages, school fees and, holidays to pay for. It's a huge efort on their part, maintaining the hatred.

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