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Pacific Quay Musings?

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2 hours ago, RANGERRAB said:

Rangers progress in the EL whilst the jolly craicsters drop into conference


I look forward to 26th of foot bringing us the BBC PQ reaction to this…😃

You and me both. I expect it to be exceptional. 😁

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5 hours ago, 26th of foot said:

Cavaliers and Roundheads.


We have to regress ten days or so, to Thursday evening 26th November. It is match day 5 in the Europa Cup group stages. The Jolly Craicsters toting bags of swagger are abroad in Germany, playing Bayern Leverkusen. North Rhine-Westphalia was braced for an invasion of rainbow themed balaclavas atop olive drab puffer jackets. Reinforcing the Green Brigade bridgehead was the Pacific Quay spearhead of Liam McLeod and Pat Bonner. The Clydeside HQ was manned by Big Dick and Tom Anguish of Angst. No Celtic lament is complete without the Blarney Bhoys singing descant.


Amid the pyro' smoke, the Irish and Palestinian flags waved, announcing the presence of a Scots club about to strut the very epitome of AngeBall. The arrogant parade was relentless in a stadium barely a third full. Liam and Pat chorused the irresistible nature of Sellik's play. At half time it was 1-1 and Big Dick began with, "wow, just wow". Juranovic had dinked the cheekiest of Panenka penalties to equalise and Big Dick overflowed, "they have never won in Germany, with such confidence that could change tonight". It got better just before the hour mark, the sublime Jota struck to put the Cavaliers 1-2 up. Confidence was coursing both on the field and on microphone.


Teutonic efficiency was being effortlessly brushed aside, "it's the movement, it's the movement" hollered Pat. A Waffen SS armoured Division had been stopped in it's tracks by uni-cycling, plate spinning horde of green'n'grey sword-swallowing, ball jugglers. We were told ra Sellik support demanded such an approach to the game and, "Celtic are easy on the eye". The Ride of the Valkyries is a refrain, a constant menace intent upon spoiling the party; and the screaming reached a pitch twice in the last seven minutes. All agreed, it was exasperating, so unfair and, undeserved. The match finished 3-2 to Leverkusen and ra Sellik were out of the Europa Cup with a game left to play.


Big Dick checked other Group G results and announced, "Celtic have secured European football in the New Year, they will now play in the Euro-Conference competition". Pat is a lovely man, he is only required by BBC Scotland to talk about ra Sellik, a unique designation. He does not cover other games and sometimes comes across as unworldly, "ah hope the Celtic supporters get a big, attractive name in the draw". Here's hoping Dagenham and Redbridge will suffice? Big Dick then hosted a three way discussion on the rarity of away wins in Europe for Scots teams and the inevitability of endings such as that evening's.


The show must go on because another Scots club was participating in the same tournament that evening, the Rangers - Sparta Prague game kicked-off at 8 O'Clock. We were told Rangers could qualify on the evening if, and it was a big IF; Rangers won by two clear goals and Lyon defeated Bronby. As usual, there was NO live commentary, NO updates and, no real discussion. Half-time at Ibrox was 1-0 Rangers and Big Dick announced the score and scorer, then spent the entire 15 minute break discussing Scotland's possible opponents in the next day's World Cup qualifiers draw. The match ended 2-0 Rangers and Lyon scored 3 in the last 20 minutes to defeat the Danes. Big Dick dolefully announced, "Rangers have qualified for the next round of the Europa League".


There was no mention of the improved national coefficient, no mention of Rangers position in Europe rising from 216th to 41st in three years, no mention of Rangers Youths already managing two of those Hens teeth away wins in Europe this season, no mention ........................... Ah, life as a Roundhead?



Bravo sir, bravo 👏👏👏


How anyone can still pay their crooked licence fee is beyond me.

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