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Pacific Quay Musings?

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  • 2 weeks later...

RABid Pomposity.


Increasingly, in Scotland we are becoming used to an application of Laws and rules that are applicable to the majority. However, there exists a growing elite of those connected to the raft of 130 Scottish Government Quangos that have other avenues open to them. Friends and family enjoy the benefits. Even information is something rationed to those and such as those, if it suits the authorities that be.  We were told before Christmas that bringing forward the winter break was, "an application of common sense" by everyone clutching the provided script. At the end of the first week of the new year we have all viewed English football playing on as normal, attracting huge festive crowds. We might want to be comparative?


Information is needed and the constant service provided by Prof' Jason Leitch in this regard throughout the first two lockdowns, would have been most welcome on the national broadcaster, BBC Scotland. Leitch did NOT appear and we were NOT told if he had even been invited. Has Humza withdrawn Leitch again? We don't know and we won't be told. We learned from Off the Ball that Tam and family celebrated New Year on the Isle of Arran and RAB Cosgrove was hospitalised. Arran has become PQ's Martha's Vineyard, lots of holiday homes but no one appears to be affected by the 13 CalMac cancelations of Ferry sailings from the island after Ne'erday. 


Maybe another service is available to those in the know? Similarly, games being played behind closed doors does not impinge upon members of the PQ Gang Hut. They don't even have to pay for live streams, they hit the canteen then sit down and view their teams courtesy of Beeb Engineers. PQ even altered their schedule, shortening RAB's show by an hour to allow him to attend St Johnstone's League Cup final victory. RAB utilised his National column during November to break a GMB strike, pointing out a national Union's funds included English, Welsh and, Irish monies. Clearly, he put his nationalism before his socialism, he is one of those and such as those; was his hospitalisation private?


RAB lionised the healing powers of Amoxicillin on Saturday and then proved that such a collection of anti-bacterial drugs does NOT improve cerebral performance. Cowan was relating Lulu's testimony of her departed co-star in the 1967 film, 'To Sir with Love'. RAB barges in, "Aye, ah've seen loads of stuff written about Harry Belafonte". Cowan interrupts, "do you mean Sydney Pottier"? There are loud guffaws, anything to mask the fact that a broadcaster in his seventieth year has made a cnut of himself. Cowan then evokes Only Fools and Horses where Grandad and Rodney have an argument over the pronunciation of Pottier. RAB then gets the Grandad and Uncle Albert characters mixed up. Time to bring on the guest.


It's John Barnes, late of the PQ parish. Currently, he is Killie TV's commentator. He is from Ayrshire and was the recipient of Jim McLean's right hook back in the day. RAB and Tam do the tired and lazy Rangers supporting accusations, then move on. Barnes is telling a story about working for BBC Scotland in Teblisi, Georgia nearly 20 years back. He tells of a frightening place, a nationalist Government out of control. He had left the press box at half time and could not re-enter because of, "one of Shevardnadze armed goons". RAB flashed his 70th year credentials again, "who was Shevardnadze playing with at the time"? Barnes explains he is talking about Georgia's then President, Eduard Shevardnadze.


Increasing embarrassment is a no no for such a pompous prig, quickly he brought the show on to much more comfortable ground. He reminds us he was an Executive for Channel 4 and regales us with tales of ...................... heard it all a dozen times and, more. RAB was quite important. 'Walter - A Life in Football' came up and RAB clearly angered he was not involved wondered aloud about the reaction of the documentary's Director, Martin Conaghan when first told he had the gig, "Ah prefer to do Henrik". The Walter piece is decent although the lack of attention to Walter's second tenure at Rangers probably equates to BBC Scotland's determined start to queer relations with club and fans. The biggest advantage is Cosgrove's non involvement, see what he brought to the Mark Walters film?


RAB is our Tony Blair, a property portfolio wielding, sense of entitlement holding, frequent story telling lazy bore. Arise Sir Stuart of Pacific Quay.

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37 minutes ago, RANGERRAB said:

Have PQ made any mention of Riley McGree who snubbed the yahoos? 😂


maybe 26th of foot could tell us the PQ take on why the young Aussie snubbed his fellow Aussie Ange 😋

Going by the transcript of the interview on PQ website yesterday "Ange not seeking further January additions" .The sub text I find interesting. He acknowledged they approached McGree but admits "after initial discussions McCree decided to look elsewhere. 2 days ago it seemed a done deal?

In December, it was also a given that Jota was being signed for £7.5m during this window. Now the sands have shifted slightly, Ange now states " .... with these things they will rumble on in the background. Nothing significant has happened."  Really? Seems to me the biscuit tin may be a bit sparse of funds now they have splurged their kitty on the Japanese market.

The article ended on a very sad note. It appears nobody loves Leigh anymore. Dundee no longer want him on loan, Sellick don't want him back! What a sad end for the little man who's been "Turning Japanese" for most of his career. Enough to give one The Vapors. :wanker:

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1 hour ago, RANGERRAB said:

Have PQ made any mention of Riley McGree who snubbed the yahoos? 😂


maybe 26th of foot could tell us the PQ take on why the young Aussie snubbed his fellow Aussie Ange 😋

As Ted says, there was an uncredited interview with Ange on BBC Scotland's website yesterday.


So, Chris McLaughlin was rawking the Vapors(thanks Ted) vibe. There was a staged photo of the Japanese triumvirate with their socks pulled thigh high, Nippon Ingenue? Chris added that Sellik had no interest in getting into a bidding war for McGree's signing. I think that comment has been pulled today?

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