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Pacific Quay Musings?

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19 hours ago, RANGERRAB said:

But still no BBC PQ verdict on Rangers signing Scotland CB John Souttar? 
Surely we’ll get an opinion soon ? 🤡

Apparently, Michael Stewart was quoted on PQ radio today - "I'd be very surprised if this deal gets done in January" . As we all know the Opinionated One is rarely wrong! 9_9 

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Chris Spins It.


These are trying times for Chris McLaughlin. 


Remember his old flame, Eilidh Barbour? She left Chris for an American female golfer with a longer iron, then recently announced her and Livingston Assistant Manager, Marvin Bartley were an item. Embarrassing, having to state a preference for the axminster to escape the clutches of creepy Chris then lionise the merits of Marvin's follow through. The Hinshelwood Knoll has been empty since 55 and Chris wants to vent his frustrations in a roundabout way. Today, he headlines BBC Scotland's on line football content with : 'Rangers hold Talks with the SFA'. He is not doing his usual straight shooting from his arse, no this has the full thrust of his designation, BBC Scotland Sports News Correspondent.


Chris outlines Rangers grievances as such, a letter was sent to the SFA outlining eight points of concern reference Referee, Kevin Clancy's handling of the game at Pittodrie. Chris highlights Johnny Hayes appearing to throw an elbow at Borna Barisic with no action taken. That's it, the other seven points of concern are not worthy of inclusion.


However, Chris begins the second paragraph reminding the readership that his favourites have cut the lead at the top of the Premiership to four points. Then, we are told of Aberdeen Manager, Stephen Glass having a grievance in McGregor not being penalised amid the denial of a penalty award. Oh, and a penalty was awarded against Alfredo Morelos.


I would have thought a headline that reads, 'Rangers Hold Talks with the SFA After Complaining about Referee Clancy' would proffer a narrative telling of all eight points but obviously Chris had to spin Stephen Glass and his beloved Sellik into the piece. He should have finished with, how Tuesday evening's game ended - in nearly sixty years of watching Scottish football, I have never seen a player walk from the pitch with his arm wrapped around a Referee, both sharing a laugh.


Maybe Chris has nobody to wrap his arm around?

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