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Pacific Quay Musings?

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16 minutes ago, RANGERRAB said:

Looking forward to 26th of foot giving us the BBC PQ assessment of today’s game …😀

Can't wait 

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Tonight, the 27th April'22.


BBC Scotland have announced that Richard Gordon aka Rheinhardt Gordon aka DIG Dick aka ............................ will step down from presenting Saturday Sportsound on BBC Radio Scotland at the end of the current campaign. The main Presenter for season 22-23 and, beyond will come from the other Dandy Dons; Liam McLeod, Tyrone Smith, Jonathon Sutherland and, Derek Rae. 


The bad news is Big Dick will be presenting Sunday Sportsound.

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And the midweek stuff.


There's stepping down and there's making sure your more than decent wage is coming in for ever more.


Some just can't step fully off the gravy train.

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