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17 hours ago, 26th of foot said:

RAB goes Rabid.


In the period this thread has been running, BBC Scotland and their employees have issued close to a dozen apologies to Rangers and Rangers supporters. I suspect they are fed up going cap in hand to the Great Satan, it is not a good look. They have reigned in the worse aspects, not sitting as comfortably with their preferred prejudices these days. Fellow Gersnetters do not fret, given the opportunity PQ will still spit the venom. Rangers achieving a Europa League Cup final has been decreed NOT an opportunity, yet.


As stated, RAB Cosgrove's first reaction, actually his first broadcastable reaction to Rangers achievement is to state, "Rangers qualifying for the Europa League Cup final is not good news for Scottish football". Carrying the Scottish standard for four years, singularly raising the coefficient to allow the League Champions, Sellik automatic entry to the Champions League group stages, allowing third placed, Hearts automatic Europa League group stage entry and, ensuring fourth placed, Motherwell have Euro Conference group stage entry; is all trumped by Rangers earning Euro monies that take us further away from all Scottish clubs other than Sellik. Rangers are creating disparity.


RAB does not want Rangers to triumph in Seville and, he wraps up this principle of rivalry for presentation but, it's just HATRED. We know this because RAB has a Podcast, 'Talk Media'. There was a period of a decade where PQ allowed RAB and Eamonn O'Neill to appear on John Beattie's lunch time show to spout their take on various media stories and the Scottish take but, over a couple of years past, they discontinued the overbearing Nationalistic propaganda. RAB and Eamonn took it to Podcast and another PQ stalwart, Janice Forsyth Produces it. I urge no Gersnetter pays for this Podcast, we find out quickly enough when RAB sticks it on his fellow wrong type of Scots.


Michael Stewart's apology to Jim Traynor, Rangers and, Rangers supporters has hurt RAB. He is smarting and his analysis of the affair castigates BBC Scotland, "There is a degree of sensitivity around Rangers that no other Scottish club enjoys". Apparently the dark shadow of the Masonic hand stretches further, "we've arrived at a moment when large sections of the Scottish media are frightened of them". The architect of this great threat to the fourth estate is David Graham. Now, RAB does not mention him by name, he talks about, "a significant employee with Loyalist credentials". Apparently he has convinced the club, " to ignore the issue of doubt by convincing the club to release another orange strip". RAB's disappointment will be further deepened since Rangers are playing the final in all blue and, not in Seville bitter orange.


Let's go back a decade, happier days for RAB. Regularly, he would get all Phil McFournames, you know make stuff up. He told of three Rangers supporting pals who attended all games, they decided to no longer attend because Rangers were not the same club. So much so, they all gave up their season tickets. I do not know of any Rangers supporter aping this behaviour but RAB knows three? When we received our License from the SFA, RAB predicted Rangers would return to the Premiership from League 2 obscurity. We would arrive and regularly play in front of 6,000 to 8,000 supporters at Ibrox because the vast majority of our support being glory hunters would fall away? you can see how Rangers European achievement causes RAB to wrestle with angst.


Those days of introducing Rangers supporting guests as, "Chris Connor the H-u-n with a heart" and bellowing inquiries, "can you spot a handsome H-u-n" are gone and RAB in his eighth decade is pining for nostalgia. On the 25th of this month at Glasgow University, RAB has an opportunity to relive the good old days of the Rangers Tax Case Blog. Professor Raymond Boyle Chairs a debate afternoon in the Davidson building between 2pm and 4pm - those participating are Roger Mitchell, RAB Cosgrove, Jim Spence, Kevin McKenna, Graham Spiers, David Low and, Alan Burrows. You have to register if you wish to attend. Further, they are sure there will be some Haters? Looking at that list, how could they possibly squeeze in another Hater?


I hope Gio traps accompanied by the Europa League Cup.

@RaymondBoyle67 on Twitter, of course.  Of course.

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