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Pacific Quay Musings?

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1 hour ago, JohnMc said:

I'm sure Sportsound are working hard on a documentary exposing the running of Dundee Utd and the simply unsustainable losses and level of debt they currently have. That level of financial doping in the Championship requires exposure to a bigger audience. I'm sure the public service broadcaster is making the final edits as I type. 

Jum Spence has been awfy quiet these days.

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Stuart Cosgrove is a pathetic, fat man.  He's not stupid but he acts stupid, I'm not sure why...maybe to keep in check with his listeners.  He's about as funny as a cot death.


Just look at the sad, ex-football hooligan, state of a man....




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7 minutes ago, Blue Moon said:

That's quite shocking.

Accusing someone not present of supporting apartheid is libel and slander.  


I hope Gough's lawyers are aware of the comment.  

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11 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

You'd have to pay me a hefty fee to watch that t@rrier bollocks.  

I was waiting for your review of Kneecap.


I propose BBC Scotland produce a Quay Session featuring Kneecap with Martin Compston conducting the Green Brigade choir.

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