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Pacific Quay Musings?

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9 hours ago, Brian said:

What happened to Sportscene tonight, was hoping to watch the highlights of the game? Cancelled for Grand Tour of Scotland !

there were technical difficulties apparently but it did come 30-45 minutes after it was scheduled to.

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49 minutes ago, Bluedell said:

there were technical difficulties apparently but it did come 30-45 minutes after it was scheduled to.

They must've been spewing.  😀

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I listened to the Sportsound commentary yesterday. I don’t know why bbc don’t employ commentators instead of Squeallum McLeod. He told me next to nothing about the game but managed to mention Aberdeen twenty to thirty times.

 I suppose he was a bit hyper after his team’s giant-killing victory over Bonnyrigg Rose in the afternoon.

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51 minutes ago, Scott7 said:

I don’t know why bbc don’t employ commentators instead of Squeallum McLeod.

When people complain about female commentators, I presume they're including Liam McLeod because the annoying wee git speaks at a higher pitch than most women do.  

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2 hours ago, 26th of foot said:

Nein to the Nine.


It was launched five years past and allocated an annual budget of £32 million. BBC Scotland's new satellite channel arrived with considerable fanfare and it's flagship news - current affairs show was 'the Nine'. One hour each evening between nine and ten O'Clock between Monday and Thursday. On weekends the Nine became, 'the Seven' and held on to one hour of broadcasting time on each evening between Friday and Sunday. PQ described the Nine as, "a world class programme combining international, UK and, Scottish news with the needs of a Scottish audience".


Instead, the Licenses Fee payers received a five year flowing trough in which the usual suspects dipped their hungry snouts. Producers, Directors, Researchers, ............... and, Presenters got to indulge in their favourite topics; Scottish and Irish nationalism plus, a regular dollop of matters Sellik. Amazing really, they could squeeze in such obsessions whilst worshipping Nicola. In excess of 250 daily live briefings from the Former First Minister during Covid Lockdowns and PQ endorsed and broadcast that several minute fawning mush of Primary school children thanking Nicola for keeping them safe. Nothing from the Care Homes.


It was a winning formulae, in a country with a population nearing six million, 'the Nine' attracted less than 1,700 viewers on occasion, 'the Seven' plumbed new lows with less than 200. It does NOT even amount to 0.1% of the population. Just another PQ scam, with the likes of RAB Cosgrove and his production company living high on the hog whilst feeding us bon mots on Twinning's Tea and Irish players named Cosgrove playing for Perth Harp in the 19th century. No wonder a breathless RAB in his 72nd year continues to chase up the PQ stairs after Producers.


Today, PQ announced the cancellation of the Nine, the Seven and, the Edit.


Airmiles Angus Robertson, the Scottish Government's Cultural Secretary criticised the decision to axe the show, claiming it ran counter with the growing success of Scottish TV. 

Unbelievable BBC Scotland managed to waste £160m (5years x £32m) on a programme watched by so few.

This is taxpayers and licence fee payers money so they knew they could get away with it. 
A privately owned broadcaster would have binned the show long ago or tried to make changes to it to try and improve its ratings.

But not BBC Scotland. Providing jobs and jollies for the usual suspects 
The sooner the licence fee is binned and they need to get their revenue in the real world the better. Dross like NINE will get binned earlier or won’t even get started.And the hangers-on will need to find real employment elsewhere 

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