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Pacific Quay Musings?

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1 hour ago, JohnMc said:

It's hard to know which Dundee team to dislike more these days. I've been told on a number of occasions that Dundee is much sunnier and drier than 'the west coast', perhaps they're just not used to rain... 

The Dundee climate stats compiled over 150 years tell us the city is sunnier(almost 1,500 hours of sunshine per annum). Glasgow has 1250 hours by comparison. Reference rain, Dundee is far drier averaging 8 days of precipitation during the month of March, the dear green place averages 12 days for the same month.


Another aspect of Dundee weather is the drying wind/breeze constantly emanating from the silvery Tay. 


John Nelms gave Kheredine the patter on unexpected overnight millimeters but, it was deliberate interference. The reason he was forking the Dens Park pitch at five in the morning is because he and his Board took a decision NOT to fund the necessary installation of proper pitch drainage. Four postponements in one season because of a waterlogged pitch whereas, one hundred yards DOWN the road, Tannadice has been playable all season.


John Nelms and Kheredine Idessane were both standing on the CONNING tower.

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Following Dundee’s second administration in 2010 Dens park was sold to Dundee Utd director John bennett(not the Rangers chairman)& leased back to them.

John Nelms bought Dundee in 2013(?) and has been promising a new stadium almost ever since. He has spent next to nothing in upkeep & improvements at Dens which he bought back from Bennett last year.

The new stadium seems  pie in the sky stuff to me. It’s surely now up to the SPfL to punish Dundee over Sundays fiasco 

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I remember when Aberdeen was saved from relegation only because ICT did not have the required seating capacity. It seems all pretence at improving the quality of the Premier League has been abandoned and the SPFL is now happy to accept woeful plastic pitches and a complete absence of drainage. I should also mention Pittodrie has a fire liability for a main stand that should have been condemned years ago.

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9 minutes ago, Bill said:

I remember when Aberdeen was saved from relegation only because ICT did not have the required seating capacity

I think it was Falkirk.  

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47 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

I think it was Falkirk.  

You're right enough. The Caley promotion issue was another matter altogether but also due to stadium standards

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Posted (edited)
24 minutes ago, JohnMc said:

Loved "Kd Lang lookalike". Applause. 

I believe it is a close run 'Cwying' contest between Paul John Dykes and Tony Angelino?


Only Fools and Horses Loyal RSC.

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On 24/03/2024 at 06:53, Soulsonic5791 said:

No mention of Packie Bonner's bus journey from Dhún na Ngall to Paradise on BBC Alba 26th?


I thought that you'd have been all over that one mate! 

Apologies for the tardiness of reply.


I have heard Packie relate his travels to and from Donegal on BBC Radio Scotland on a number of occasions. Apparently, the bus returned folks to all over the Irish county and regularly took white goods, carpets and on occasion, coffins. 


The BBC Alba thing is another PQ Sellik supporters project. Pat Bonner, Paul English, Lorraine McIntosh(wife of Ricky Ross of Deacon Blue), ................ etc get to over romanticise their Irish roots.

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