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Pacific Quay Musings?

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Very interesting, but not surprising, that the official list of errors includes the following;


Rangers 2-1 Aberdeen (6/02/24): VAR intervention was correct, but final outcome should have been yellow card to Rangers' Dujon Sterling. Referee retained his on-field decision of a red card.

Kilmarnock 1-2 Rangers (28/2/24): VAR should have recommended an on-field review. Final outcome should have been penalty decision, which led to Kilmarnock opening the scoring, overturned - no handball offence against Rangers.

Hearts 2-0 Celtic (3/3/24): VAR should have recommended an on-field review. Penalty decision should have been overturned - no foul and no penalty should have been awarded to Celtic.

Hearts 2-0 Celtic (3/3/24): On-field decision correct, no penalty to Hearts. Handball should not have been awarded for spot-kick that led to opening goal.


All 4 wrong decisions go either against Rangers or for Celtic in big games at crucial times. It is not at all surprising that of these 4 incidents of cheating, Don Robertson is responsible for 3 of them, with Dickenson the other cheat in charge. Surely we must ensure we do not have to put up with either in any capacity for the remaining 4 games?

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2 hours ago, Devil's advocaat said:



Banner image screams 'penalty to Rangers', whereas the real story is no wrong VAR decisions in our favour. Worse than the Sun.

A BBC Scotland photograph is worth a thousand words.


Talking of which, the thousand word article accompanying the photograph is uncredited.

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The Jolly Bhoy's Outing.


Here's the gig. Tom continues his refusal to apologise to Peter over the article he penned reference Brendan's itchy feet. Tom remains not welcome at ra Stade de Gadd and Lennoxtown. Chris has empathy and as such, is consigned to ra grassy knoll across London Road from ra Sellik Way. The PQ CSC supporters' bus travels without Tom and Chris. Convenor, Kheredine Idessane is demanding club Treasurer, Martin Dowden publishes the dues owing. Secretary, Amy Canavan insists upon a constant Sellik State of Mind.


Effectively, ra green'n'grey hooped horrors won the Premiership on Saturday after their 2-1 victory over Rangers. BBC Scotland ensured their targeted, preferred audience were fully informed, live radio and online commentary plus TV highlights. Compare and contrast with the five years license fee Rangers supporters endured when Chris fell out with our club? We had to wait until after the final whistle to hear that week's nominated naughty step occupier look at a studio monitor and relay the score.


On Saturday last, Tom was confined to the studio and Chris visited the Pride Collection to squeeze into lederhosen. Bavaria bound and hoping Pinocchio would utter some lies whilst Chris squatted on his face, Gollum got away from fellow gloating Yahoos by doing a promo for Auntie on the upcoming Euros in Germany. It is a three day jolly, taking in accommodation, spa facilities, tourism opportunities, tasting the big sausage and, sipping from a stein. Tomorrow, after horticultural tips from Berchtesgarden Chris goes full Cabaret. He is intent upon telling us the Money, Money required for a short time with a Chick with a Stick. Well, he has to grab Brenda's interest.


Will both BBC Scotlands Sports Correspondent and Chief Football Writer be in attendance at the Scottish Cup final next Saturday, does Peter's influence extend to Hampden? We should be told.

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Listened to the bbc radio commentary for ten minutes before halftime while finishing a garden task and had to endure the exultant delirium of the wee grúacach that is Liam McLeod. Tempted to switch back on to hear how he coping.

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Restless Natives.


My balcony of choice this summer is situated in the corner of Spain. Galicia's charms are all encompassing but, mostly ignored by Spaniards. Of course, the country is a loose coalition of waring tribes, most Castilians, Catalans, Andalusians, Basques, ....... etc think Galicia is part of Poland. Even il Caudillo, Generalissimo Franco played down his Galician heritage on advice from his personal priest, Bishop Josemaria Escriva - the founder of Opus Dei. Yesterday, I was sitting outside a bar in San Vicente and a coach load of French tourists alighted to their guide spreading his arms and proclaiming, 'Galicia is God's work'. Dan Brown will ensure the Guardia Civil jail the blasphemer in his next book.


God's work continues at Pacific Quay. The appetiser for the Euros is the second series of Scottish football icons, the six chosen are : Frank McAvennie, Joe Jordan, John Robertson, Wullie Miller, John Greig and, Jen Beattie. The Executive Producer remains Claire Kelly(daughter of former Sellik Chair, Kevin Kelly) and Eamonn Donohoe (Sportscene Producer), a Celtic State of Mind pairing. We know PQ is most comfortable lifting personnel and ideas from Sellik supporters' Podcasts and the national broadcaster serves up continuity in their Euros coverage.


Each and every evening of the Euros, we are being given, 'Late Night at the Euros with Martin Compston'. Now I know Gersnetters will be concerned as to the whereabouts of RAB Cosgrove and Tam Cowan, it's their gig these last thirty years? Diversity training takes it's toll and maybe they are losing the confidence of Claire and Eamonn? As BBC License payers, we must ask, has Martin Compston undergone diversity training? Remember Martin, it is only two years past since he conducted the balaclava attired Yahoos in the full IRA karaoke from a Las Vegas stage? 


Martin ticks all the boxes, he co-hosts a Podcast with Hibby, Gordon Smart called, 'Restless Natives'. BBC Scotland tells us, "Martin is hilarious" is his descant of the forty year old Scottish low budget film. Taking on the characters of Clown and Wolf, two disaffected youths get on their motor bikes and indulge in highway robbery. Tourist coaches are the target. Martin will be donning a clown mask instead of the usual balaclava. What are PQ CSC thinking?


A Scots actor who has lived in Las Vegas this last decade is parachuted in and RAB Cosgrove says nothing. I suspect Martin's political sympathies and the thought of an impending word from Peter have silenced him. A man in his 72nd year knows his snout could be removed from the trough permanently. The suffocating blanket of God's Work decrees hating is no longer enough, Opus Peter is dictating. No wonder RAB is continually playing the Irish heritage card these days.


I think PQ could have been a bit more snappy with the show's title, how about, 'Singalonga Martin'?

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4 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

Each and every evening of the Euros, we are being given, 'Late Night at the Euros with Martin Compston'.

I noticed that just before the Scotland game kicked off on Friday and it definitely made me keener to see our national side fail.  Maybe I'm just bitter but I don't feel like my life is any worse not supporting them.

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Watching the Scotland team depart and then arrive in Germany I couldn’t help notice Shellik tops in the crowd. Have they ditched the ROI and now all support Scotland? ( or have the real Irish chased them? )

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