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Pacific Quay Musings?

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1 hour ago, Tannochsidebear said:

You say that Rab and I tend to agree with you, but Radio Clyde has been just as bad as Radio Scotland for years and years and as a commercial organisation are still going and show no signs of ever becoming impartial. I dont think its about the licence fee, its about the scum that work there, and their bosses who approve of them.

I agree Clyde got bad for a while but I think it’s now slightly better than it was but nowhere near BBC PQ.


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20 hours ago, RANGERRAB said:

I agree Clyde got bad for a while but I think it’s now slightly better than it was but nowhere near BBC PQ.


I will need to take your word for that Rab, as I haven't listened to Clyde for over a decade, it is the only radio station banned in my office, and until such times as I hear that their sports coverage is balanced I wont be going back.  I dont listen to BBC CSC either, but a discussion about who is worst is a race to the bottom where there is no winner, only Rangers and our fans as losers.

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I have waited until all the Euro ties involving Scottish clubs were over, before commenting on PQ's inevitable particular take on events.


Wednesday the 25th July, it's ra Sellik at ra Stydome against Rosenberg. The usual team assemble, Big Dick presenting, Liam McLeod commentating, Pat Bonner and Scot McDonald cheering on, and Tom English and Chris McLaughlin painting a varnish on all things Sellik. Suffice to say, the mantra that evening being broadcast on the PQ PA system was, 'ra Sellik are carrying the standard for Scotland'. It was strange hearing the three biggest exponents of ra Sellik flying the Scottish flag were two Irishmen, and an Australian. Chris didn't say much; well, he was wrapped in ra Sellik flag.


The next night saw Rangers, Aberdeen, and Hibs compete in the Europa Cup qualifying rounds. Big Dick was most excited, his beloved Dandies were at home to Pittodrie and he was on the gantry, with Wullie Miller, and Tom English. Billy Dodds was inside PQ Towers, watching all games on TV. Chris had untangled himself from the flag and was on roving reporter around the toilet known as Pittodrie. Live commentary ensued. Brian McLaughlin was at Easter Road and we received interviews with Neil Lennon and a several minute discussion among the Gantry Three of Hibs chances of progression. Reporter, Al Lamont was in Croatia(sounded like a telephone box at the Hydro) and he gave us the Rangers team.  


Half time found the AmDram Quine breathless, winning one zip and he demanded full praise from Tom English. He reminded the listenership that Al Lamont was in Croatia and said, "we will get to Al in a minute" five times over the fifteen minutes of half time. Billy Dodds queered the pitch, Aberdeen's penalty was never a penalty, Big Dick did not go back to him over the quarter of an hour. Chris McLaughlin paid homage to the Dandies, and Brian lionised the Hibbies winning two nil at Easter Road. When Dick got to Al(in a minute), the second half had already kicked-off in Croatia. I returned to the pub to view events in Osijek. 


The end of the evening saw a very excited Big Dick continue cascading kudos on Scotland's second best team. It took twenty minutes to get to Al and he inquired, "was it a deserved win Al"?


This week saw the usual presenter on the Wednesday, Liam Mcleod in Norway, Pat and Scot with Big Dick in Glasgow. The message was the same, the flag fluttered in the cool Nordic breeze. All hail hail!


Last night was hilarious, PQ Towers had Dick and Chick Young in situ'. Liam McLeod was in Burnley with Steven Thompson and Chris McLaughlin. Lot's of interviews, lots of build up. Brian McLaughlin in Greece interviewed Lennon again and since the game began at seven O'Clock, lots of cutting to Greece for updates. The Pensioner watched the telly and gave us the Rangers team. Every wheeze and fart of the brave reds in Lancashire was broadcast live. Dick and Liam bemoaned Aberdeen's luck in drawing the team that finished seventh in the Premiership, other teams got it easier. Even if they managed to qualify, a trip to Turkey awaited, where's the justice as other teams had Molde and Maribor ahead. Hibs reached the next round first and Brian brought interviews with both Lennon and McGinn. Eventually, Chico reported our qualification and Gerrard's praise for Ryan Jack. Big Dick could contain himself no more, ridiculing such a view point. Chico placated Big Dick by stating his favourite Aberdeen player was, Neil Simpson.


The conclusion is the season starts this weekend and none of Beeb Scotland's football personnel have seen Rangers playing live as yet. Two of them have pulled the PQ naughty step gig and have had to watch Rangers on the box, once each. It won't stop them offering ill-informed negative opinions. As license paying Bears, we wouldn't have it any other way because, we wouldn't get it another way. The HATE is strong at PQ.

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Chris McLaughlin concluded his Aberdeen-Rangers match report by saying "he (Gerrard) has a squad capable of competing for second spot." 


How very flattering that he thinks we are capable of competing with Aberdeen after outplaying them on their own park with 10 men. He's like a wee (Celtic supporting) boy adding provocative stuff like that to his match reports.


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