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Pacific Quay Musings?

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Last night, on BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound, a rustbucket  more than a flagship, Tom Sellick -a Yahoo, from beyond the Pale, 26th of Foot; from Limerick, I believe, as it happens site of the last pogrom against jews on British (sic) soil- was on message. 


Tom would not countenance even the suggestion that Walter Smith be considered as Manager of the National XI, far less appointed. Far from a balanced assessment of pros versus contras, Tom gave the listeners (us, the paymasters) naught but a rather partisan rubbishing of the very idea.
I have no axe to grind for WS, and have frequently criticised him for several, serial, failures in European campaigns in the 1990s, but I  believe that the Grand Old Man of Scottish Football may have something to

offer the National side.


Tom Sellick offered only the suggestions that WS had been retired for some time, had declared on his retiral that he was retiring for good, had had no hands on experience since then , that, the old canard, football had  changed, and that, therefore he should in no way be considered for the position.  The fact that he left the Scotland post for higher duty, and thus alienated a significant proportion of  the Tablecloths and Timberlands may have received mention, also.

I should have thought that in WS's favour would be, rather obviously, the following:
He is the most experienced and successful manager of Scottish provenance, likely to be available; he is, in fact,  the most experienced and successful manager likely to be available; the post is far from that of a full time, day to day club manager; WS has managed successfully players of considerably greater ability/pedigree than those he is likely to encounter with the National team; the new manager has, I think four (4) International Challenge Matches over the next 5/6 months to assess playing staff, and get his hand in before a competitive fixture need be played; he seems willing to at least consider taking the position.

As I indicated, I am not advocating WS for the post (although I see no one on the horizon). I am concerned that the national broadcaster's Chief Sports Reporter (or whatever) is permitted to so blatantly peddle  a line, and to dispense with even the merest suggestion of objectivity. 
I am, of course, unsurprised by this.


Sometimes, one just knows.





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Didn't they all go to private schools? Kheredine Idessane went to Stewart Mellives in Edinburgh and Richard Gordon to Aberdeen Grammer. I mean the sense of entitlement oozes from every broadcast so should we be surprised. 


Anyway, I don't mind English that much. I think he's sometimes just plain wrong and his ignorance of aspects of Scottish football is very clear at times. But he's one of the few willing to criticise Celtic publicly too. 


I also don't think he's wrong on this subject. I agree the bams in the tartan army don't want Smith because he left Scotland for us. But for different reasons I think he's the wrong choice too. I think a younger man, one more in touch with the current crop of players is a more appropriate appointment. It's worked well for Wales, Northern Ireland and Iceland. 

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