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Pacific Quay Musings?

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8 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

These last 15 years, there is a blind Hibs/Sunderland supporter who regularly calls radio phone-ins. He has NEVER had a good experience at Ibrox. 

I don't want away fans to have good experiences at Ibrox.  If they're going to make up stuff that didn't happen, then even less so.  

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4 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:



The lad's name is Carl McGee, he is always referred to on radio as, 'Macca'.

Macca definitely rings a bell.  I think Cos and Cowan used to have him on fairly regularly as he made his way from various grounds.


Many thanks!

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'I felt ashamed'

Blind Hibs fan ‘spat on and branded a ‘fat f*****g mong’ by Rangers supporter outside Ibrox

Carl McGee travelled all the way from Durham to watch his side's away clash against Rangers in Glasgow on Saturday when he was allegedly targeted.


A BLIND Hibs fan has told of his horror after he was allegedly spat on and pelted with vile abuse outside Ibrox.

Carl McGee travelled all the way from Durham to watch his side’s away clash against Rangers in Glasgow on Saturday.

The 30-year-old claims he was targeted as he headed towards the away end with a pal at Ibrox before the match which ended in a 2-1 defeat for Rangers.

He told the Edinburgh Evening News said: “I could feel him spitting on me, but obviously I can’t tell if I managed to wipe it all off.

“I felt a bit ashamed, I don’t know how long I was walking around with someone else’s spit on my jacket.

“Obviously, I’m then going back down to Durham, so I am travelling four or five hours and I was nervous of what people might think of me.”

“I’ve been away at lots of grounds, even with Sunderland to places like Newcastle and Middlesbrough, which are big local derbies, and I have never had anything like this happen, so it was a real shock.”

Carl said the shock incident will make him think twice about returning to Ibrox again.

He went on: “It won’t stop me from going to games. I love football and the club too much for that, but it will certainly make me think twice before going back to Ibrox again.”

Cops arrested five supporters at the fixture for a number of offences including breach of the peace and culpable and reckless behaviour.

One suspect was also held over a sectarian breach of the peace while two others were arrested under the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.


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I was spat on says Carl,who was seemingly with a friend who must have turned a blind(no pun intended) to the matter as there seems no report from him.

Five supporters arrested at game,from what side(not reported) more s**t from gutter mhedia.

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This guy is a fantasy mouthpiece. I have heard him on a few phone ins. Hates Rangers with a passion. I have walked to the mhank dome a few times and my scarf is hidden for obvious reasons. It’s called common sense.


This guy was just looking for a reaction and he got it. Why not just hide your scarf on the way up? The scot squad even keep them behind after final whistle. Bearing this in mind why did our calamity cops not advise them to put their scarf away when walking to the ground? There is absolutely no evidence of this yet the gutter press can print it? 

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