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Are We Improving?

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Better first XI, but I don't see any improvement -- other than goal difference.


I don't think Murty knows what system he wants to play; neither do I think he has any experience of any particular style. The basic shape is 4-2-3-1, but we don't play it properly. The players are left to do what that want. 


I'm not criticising Murty: he needs to gain that experience first, as an assistant to a more well-rounded manager; we've just thrown him into the deep-end because we were desperate. Rodgers spent his own time travelling around Spain, learning coaching methods, and then worked with Mourinho (indirectly) for a few years. 

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We're indisputably better than last season and i'm beginning to settle down to the reality that we may not get the best out of this squad until nest season.  Next season we will surely have all the key walking wounded back and the squad will have had longer to accomplish a gelling process.


And if the improvement continues which at this stage we can expect it to then next season we should be running it close at a minimum. The yahoos have peaked and can only slide back from that peak while we're still on the rise.

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I would say certainly more stable and Id say that since Murty has come in and brought more British players. But improvement is two fold. Point tally and performances. Point tally speaks for itself and barring a few silly results it would be even better. Performance wise I think will get better if we retain the majority of the current squad but get the loanees on permanent deals and gain more momentum. Murty is very admirable but I cant help thinking there is a much better choice out there who could do well in the next 12 months with this group of players.   

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I said at the beginning of this season that I expected us to get 2nd in the league, close the gap on them and get a good Scottish cup run with a chance of winning the Scottish cup, we are still on course for that, bar the poor home results we could have been a lot closer to them and challenging for the title!. 


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