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Green, Whyte and the Never-ending Story

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Fantastic piece.   One that I hope others will follow up and assist.   


We have to own our history here and tell the story from our point of view.  

Otherwise the void gets filled by those who hate us.



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26 minutes ago, Frankie said:

This really is an excellent bit of writing so please give it the time it deserves and share widely... :)

Couldn’t agree more Frankie. It’s an engrossing piece of writing and very enjoyable. The way it’s been written highlights how much there is to know, and how little we do know? We need to dig and dig. Chase after and look for answers. Those who wished to destroy our club should not sit easy.

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Well written piece that leaves many interesting questions hang in the air. A bit like a very short and partial summation of what has been talked and typed about these past few years.


The whole affair reminds me of one of the classic topics that have countless strands. often with imperfect information, that only serve to produce more questions and never, will you see the whole truth and full answers because too many powerful, interested people or/and authorities will make sure you won't.


Corporate irresponsibility, Poor decision-making, Chasing loses, Running awy, Opportunism, Organised chaos, Organised fraud, Greed, Brazen bastards, etc., etc., etc., etc.,............


The author could probably write a book on it that made 'War & Peace' seem like a short story.

Or countless short stories on individual strands, some of which IMO, are more interesting, have more available material and are plausible+.


It's all left a very bad taste in the mouth, not least from the failure of a law and justice system to be any better than Scottish fitbaw hacks.....and that is somewhere very low.


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" This is a subject I’ve attempted to write about before but each time I’ve given up. The depth of content and number of threads involved is huge. The cast of characters (or villains) is legion. Much of the narrative is also simply beyond my understanding and such was the quantity and rate of change that I lost track of much of it years ago. "


I know how the author feels. 3 guys were gathering stuff with a view to producing a book on the whole saga. I spent nearly 3 years assisting in a minor capacity with background information harvested in the wee small hours when I was free. The last time we had a collective at one of the houses the sheer bulk of paper info was frightening. That a non interested in Rangers jury found Whyte was as pure as the driven snow put paid to the whole idea. Nobody is interested when not only is nobody hung but also apparently that a murder hadn't even been committed.

A square mile of the Amazon felled - for feck all.

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