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Make God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans - Rangers v Celtic Preview

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Play three centre half two attacking full backs , when the scums full backs come forward get the ball over their half back line to our attacking full backs to dispatch into our two Morelos and Cummings and victory is assured piece off piss really before that lot know what's hit them they will be a beaten side and their odious fans rioting .

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1 minute ago, Germinal said:

A free weekend, some rugby, an OF game, and a superb match preview.





Oh no, is your 'pal' not coming over now? xD


Seruously though, you're right, what a weekend.  Just hope we're feeling as bouncy come Sunday afternoon.

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I'm hearing, and seeing, that rasellik is "better in all departments" than our XI.


Personally, I think that that may have been true a year, or so, ago. Today, I am sure that that it is not the case, esp. if we had  all our guys fit -Jack, Dorrans, Mccrorie. 

However, even without them, I am unclear about in which component of the team  fhilthfc clearly oustrips us. Player for player, they may have an advantage in one or two positions, but then, so do we, noticeably at GK, RB,  CF.


Where they do have the beating of us is in the area of managerial bullshit. Oh, and in the refereeing department, 

Perhaps that's really what the experts mean.






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Nervously looking forward to this. As always it will come to who wants it more, who takes their chances, and what influence the referee decides to exert on the game.

I will be reasonably content as long as we win the first of those, the other two are to an extent out of our hands.

I have no realistic ambition for the title, that died when Pedro wasn't sacked on the plane home from Lux, so a victory will only be good to extend our lead over dolly to 8 points with 8 games left, and should ensure we finish within 10 of the bheasts. The bookies agree, Celtic are 1/200 to win the title while we are 25/1, that of course will change if we can get a victory tomorrow.

I must admit that 14/5 at home in an OF game is a huge price that I can't turn down so I have stuck a few quid on us, however there is a large amount of tims I know that have lumped on at even money.

If Murphy & John are fit and both start I will be much more confident than if we start with Halliday & Miller (eeekkkk!!!)

Cmon Rangers, give it everything and at the very least let them know we are getting our act together and put a marker down for the SF which to me is far more important than the 3 points.

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