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17 minutes ago, Frankie said:

Flattery will get you everywhere (but not a discount).


It's worth noting site contributors (i.e. those that submit articles, previews etc) aren't served ads. :whistle:

I'm too lazy and busy to contribute plus I think everyone has enough of my ramblings as it is. 


I think a Gersnet podcast featuring me and DB could be quite entertaining though. 


Jokes apart, I will do a preview one of these days.  We need to start playing decent football first though or it will be horrendously negative.

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Glad to hear it.


Please report any dodgy adverts (either in content or style) in this forum or directly to myself/Blueflag and we'll ensure they're promptly removed.


FWIW, we do have ads served but there should be absolutely no pop-ups for any members of the forum.  However, if an advertiser doesn't use the correct code, they can be 'hacked' so to speak which may result in the Amazon type stuff.


Quite often admin staff won't see these are they're device dependent so the only way we can remove them is by being informed.

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I know I mailed Frankie with the problem I am having just interested to see if it's happening to anyone else:- my loading of items from sites suddenly slows/stops and I get a yellow message at top of site saying "a web page is slowing your browser dow what do you want to do   close it    wait?".

If I hit wait the message just repeats and if I hit close it it goes away and then maybe a few seconds or minutes later re-appears.

Again similar to Bearger it happens only on Gersnet.

I must say that Frankie answered my PM. but still happening as he could not think of any reason for this.

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Best to tag in @blueflag


If you can post your browser and version number as well, that would be useful.  Remember to try clearing your cache and cookies.  Might also be worth disabling any browser add-ons you may have to see if there's an issue there.

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