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What's Happened to the Jukebox Thread?

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Remember going to concert in 1967 at Green's Playhouse topped by Jimmy Hendrix with supporting bands/groups Pink Floyd,The Move,Amen Corner and others.There were about half a dozen of us from Kingsridge Secondary school went,

A fantastic night and the first of many concerts of top top bands/groups I eventually went to see over the years.

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You saw Hendrix?  You're a lucky man!


I was born in '79, so am still trying to catch up with people I admire from that era.  So far, I've seen Robert Plant, John Paul Jones (both solo gigs), Neil Young, Wayne Kramer, John McLaughlin, Funkadelic, Dr John, Shuggie Otis, Jack Bruce and Robin Trower.  Got a ticket to see King Crimson in November.  But I saw them all well past their prime.

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Thanks for that Gonzo interesting to hear about acts seen in different eras.

Being very cosmopolitan in my musical tastes I have been to wide ranging genres of music concerts.

My favourite of all time was the Who in1971(original line up) and have seen Rolling Stones,Rod Stewart & Faces(pre his mhank days),Emmerson Lake and Palmer,Deep Purple,T.Rex,Beach Boys and many more.They are fantastic memories.

If you Google or whatever the Greens Playhouse or Jimmy Hendrix for 1967 you will see what a great line-up the concert was.

The great thing about all the acts I went to see was that they were pre light show days and all about pure music.

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That's quite a selection.  I'm jealous!


I'm a huge Stones fan but they became irrelevant before I was born, so I have no intention of paying £80 to see them.  I love The Faces too, although prefer Humble Pie.

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