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What's Happened to the Jukebox Thread?

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Yes wouldn't pay that sort of money either.

No need for jealousy as I was lucky enough to be around in that era while you were not even a thought of being born.

Again if you can Google the Who's performance at Woodstock you will see why their gig became my favourite.When my brother and my mate got the tickets for the Who that was in itself an adventure.We left the Iron Horse on West Nile Street at closing time(10.00 in these days) and checked to see when sale of tickets opened in the Clydesdale shop in Sauchiehall Street to find a queue already there,so we joined it and my mate went home and brought back sandwiches and coffee and that was us for the night.A great time was had singing songs cracking jokes and all,

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On 21/04/2018 at 00:14, MacK1950 said:

Thanks for that Gonzo interesting to hear about acts seen in different eras.

Being very cosmopolitan in my musical tastes I have been to wide ranging genres of music concerts.

My favourite of all time was the Who in1971(original line up) and have seen Rolling Stones,Rod Stewart & Faces(pre his mhank days),Emmerson Lake and Palmer,Deep Purple,T.Rex,Beach Boys and many more.They are fantastic memories.

If you Google or whatever the Greens Playhouse or Jimmy Hendrix for 1967 you will see what a great line-up the concert was.

The great thing about all the acts I went to see was that they were pre light show days and all about pure music.

I know he is a Tim but Rod Stewart of the early 70's is still the best rock vocalist IMO. 

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2 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

I'd say Stewart's best vocals were done in the late 60s with The Jeff Beck Group.

Even with his Python Lee Jackson song"in a broken dream@ but one of my favourites is "mandolin wind' without looking it out it is from "sing it again Rod"

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