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What's Happened to the Jukebox Thread?

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42 minutes ago, forlanssister said:

Stunning song but I prefer the version with him and Emmylou Harris.

Both are terrific.  I think The Byrds' version has a bit more of a youthful charm about it though.  


Sin City is another classic (I love singing along to it on a Sunday morning)...



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At Uni', I shared a flat with a chap in West Princes Street for a year, he had two albums. Grievous Angel and GP, we shared a record player. I would play crucial soul, he would alternate with Ingram Cecil Parsons. It was conditioning by Mark, after several weeks I was word perfect and knew every hook. The Return of the Grievous Angel became a sing-a-long. It was interesting in the mid-seventies, the air waves were dominated by west coast country rock, bands such as Poco, Eagles, Jackson Browne, Andrew Gold, Souther, ..... etc. Parsons was dead two years by then, at the age of 26 years. 


Gram was a rocket, a wonderful song writer who hugely influenced bands such as the Stones and Little Feat. I would recommend any of the biographies, his ending was truly weird.


Thanks for the memories.  

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19 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

Gram was a rocket, a wonderful song writer

Sums him up nicely.  Quite a detestable character, having read about him but his musical output was magnificent and hugely influential (he got me into Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris, the Louvin Brothers, Buck Owens and others).


His buddy, Chris Hillman, has an autobiography coming out later in November, which I intend to purchase.  It's called Time Between, if anyone's interested. 

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I heard a few tracks off the new AC/DC album today.  It's amazing how their formula/sound never changes but it also never gets boring.  


Angus is some guitarist.  I have never understood the headbanging, I get a migraine if I nod too hard.  

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